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Fly By Midnight releases an adorable pop tune, entitled, “Toy”

Fly By Midnight is a pop duo based in New York. Not too long ago, they released an adorable pop tune, entitled, “Toy”.

Fly By Midnight – “Toy” single

“I can be a toy for you. You can use me ‘til you find somebody new. I’ll wind up my back for you. Help you get over the sh*t that you’ve been through. So come on push my buttons. Don’t expect me to break. This ain’t love so don’t mistake. I can be a toy for you. You can use me ‘til you find somebody new.” – Fly By Midnight

‘Toy’ tells an interesting tale of a young guy who keeps a desirable female company after her departure from her significant other.

Apparently, he would wind up his back for her just so he can help her get over all the bullsh*t that her boyfriend has put her through.

Later, the guy admits that he doesn’t mind that she is using him as a distraction. All he wants is to be her toy until she finds someone new.

Fly By Midnight

Fly By Midnight press photo

Fly By Midnight consists of Justin Bryte (singer-songwriter) and Slavo (producer-songwriter).

Justin Bryte: During our few months in L.A., I found myself in this situation where I let someone use me to get through their past relationship. On paper that sounds terrible, but it was a unique romance that inspired the beginnings of ‘Toy’.

Slavo: A lot of songs for the new record involved going into a writing session with an open mind and letting an idea evolve from there. With this single, we came into the studio knowing we wanted to write a song about that experience.

JB: The production aspects really pull from a variety of our inspirations too.

S: MJ guitar licks. New jack swing rhythms. All mixed with our fly-by approach to harmonies. It’s an exciting one for us that we’re stoked to share with the world.

Fly By Midnight

Fly By Midnight press photo

Fly By Midnight’s electrifying live performances have drawn attention outside of New York, with a recent US college tour. Also, slots at major music festivals such as Panorama, Firefly Festival, and Grandoozy.

Not too long from now, they will be bringing their live show back home on December 6th for a headlining gig at NYC’s The Loft at City Winery to celebrate their album release.

With millions of streams and praise pouring in from media and fans alike, there’s no doubt that Fly By Midnight is an outfit to watch.

Fly By Midnight – “Toy” single

Fly By Midnight – “Toy” cover art

‘Toy’ contains a relatable storyline, pleasant vocals, and energetic instrumentation scented with a commercial-pop aroma.  

The likable tune will be featured on Fly By Midnight’s upcoming sophomore album.

We recommend adding Fly By Midnight’s “Toy” single to your personal playlist. Also, let us know how you feel about it in the comment section below.

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