Fionn releases a tasty music video for their “Robert” single

Fionn is a folk-pop band consisting of Alanna and Brianne Finn-Morris, 20-year-old identical twin sisters from White Rock, British Columbia. Not too long ago, they released a music video for “Robert”, a tasty single from their upcoming debut album.

Fionn – “Robert”

“Robert you’re an old soul with the smile of a child, and eyes that tell the story of a romantic reconciled. You say, ‘I hate to break it to you since I’m leaving in July, but I’ve found love in your face and your red shoes, it’s so contrived.’” – lyrics

The video finds the singer and Robert, nighttime, walking in each other’s arm. They are happy, conversing. The following scenes show them enjoying each other’s company surrounded by a nice water view. Also, a romantic kiss occurs while they are seated under a bridge.

Fionn + Robert


All is good until a painful moment occurs. Robert has to leave. That shocking realization pierces an imaginary knife through the singer’s heart. OUCH! It hurts, because, if he leaves, it means their relationship has no chance of continuing. Therefore, she is left distraught, devastated, crying in the dark as she begs Robert to stay. But he can’t, he’s not listening, there’s something or someone more important than her.

The video gets dramatic towards the end. She is all alone with no Robert to hold on to. She desperately wants him to come back, but that fantasy is null and voided by his disappearance. All she has now to hold on to is old memories of them having a good time. But those nostalgic footages are too painful for her to view in her mind.



Fionn started singing professionally at the age of 12. By 14, they were playing 100 shows a year to their growing folk-pop fan base. Now, there’s no limit to their success. Therefore, we recommend adding their “Robert” single to your personal playlist.

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