Felicia Lu press photo
Photo by Felix Werinos

Felicia Lu releases a lovely visualizer for her brand-new “Bitch” single

Felicia Lu is a 26-year-old singer-songwriter from Germany, now based in Vienna, Austria. Not too long ago, she released a lovely visualizer for her brand-new “Bitch” single via GRS MUSIC/Global Rockstar GmbH.

Felicia Lu – “Bitch” (Official Visualizer)

“Why is it cool to talk ‘bout how many women you’re with? And only this week alone it’s been already your fifth. Why is it whenever God knows it’s the other way around? All guys just turn into clowns like women are not allowed (please). ‘Cause I’m a man-eater I’m a bitch, cast a spell like I’m a witch. They change it up until it fits. ‘Cause I’m a man-eater that they say. A woman just can’t be that way. We’re just supposed to sit and stay.” – lyrics

‘Bitch’ finds Felicia Lu ruling over her life. She believes that doesn’t sit well with some people because they still think it’s 1925 in their tiny little heads. What Felicia wants to know is, “Why is it easy to accept for so many guys but you think it must be lies ‘cause we can’t do as we like?” That is such an interesting question that Felicia poses. Later, she admits, “If that’s the way that they insist then I will gladly be a bitch. To live the life I chose to live, then I will gladly be, never what they wanted me.”

“Say it loud, I’m proud to be that bitch.”

Felicia Lu press photo
Photo by Felix Werinos

“A man – a hero when he’s able to pull multiple women, celebrated even. A woman however is mostly described as a bitch in that scenario. I think that’s rather outdated, and women are as free as anyone to explore their sexuality as they like. Taking inspiration from my own life, I wrote the song, ‘Bitch’ to change the narrative of the word itself. I’m happy and even proud to be a bitch if that means I can live my life freely and the way I choose to.” – Felicia Lu explained

Felicia Lu made it to the finals of the RTL Talent show, Rising Star, in 2014. In 2017 and 2022, she made it to the finals of the German preselection for the Eurovision Song Contest. Felicia is a multi-talent when it comes to music in all forms. She plays several instruments, writes her own songs, produces, and sings. Also, she designs her own works of art and finds herself in almost all areas of art. So far, Felicia has accumulated over 10 million streams on Spotify alone, thanks to her million-plus streaming singles (Pay and Anxiety). Plus, her songs are well-received on the radio: In Austria, she reached power play on the country’s largest radio station, and her singles (AnxietyIn Your Hands, and Dear Karma) were played on the largest German radio stations.

Furthermore, “Bitch” is the title track of Felicia Lu’s brand-new six-track EP, which features her standout single, “Obsessed.”

Felicia Lu – “Bitch” EP

Felicia Lu – “Bitch” EP cover art

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