Dreezy + 6LACK + Kodak Black

Dreezy releases an animation video for “Spar” ft. 6LACK & Kodak Black

Dreezy is a rapper outta Chicago, Illinois. Not too long ago, she released an animation music video for her “Spar” single featuring 6LACK and Kodak Black. The song reveals the artists’ vexation with President Donald Trump.

Dreezy – “Spar” ft. 6LACK and Kodak Black

“Killers gettin’ off innocent, when the clip showin’ that he did the sh*t. Try to talk and they ain’t listenin’ but they’ll point it out if you get ignorant. F*ck with you if you a benefit that’s why I pay off cash at the dealership. But I got money stashed for the bail and sh*t, but I’ma write it off, good penmanship. Can’t say we representing when half the office White Supremist. This can’t be, “Land of the free” if kneeling might cost your position. I’m supposed to respect the system. They call our brothers, “Sons of b*tches”. And when my Unc’ came home from prison for the same sh*t y’all tried to turn into a business.” – D

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