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Discover How Smile High, The Main Squeeze, and 6LACK Created their “Kinks” Single with QUIN

Smile High (@smilehighmusic a.k.a. Ben “Smiley” Silverstein) is an LA-based producer and keyboardist for the internationally renowned funk/soul/rock band, The Main Squeeze. 6LACK is a singer-songwriter from Atlanta, Georgia. Not too long ago, they released a jazzy, carefree single, “Kinks,” featuring QUIN, a multi-dimensional singer-songwriter and producer from California. The song finds the power couple, 6LACK and QUIN, expressing that meaningful relationships require a thoughtful approach to conflict resolution.

Smile High, The Main Squeeze, 6LACK – “Kinks” music video featuring QUIN

“‘Kinks’ just echoes the idea of doing the necessary work to achieve satisfaction, and how you may think you’ve arrived, but that arriving is something that comes in every new phase of life.” – 6LACK stated

The story of “Kinks” began on opposite sides of a fence in Los Angeles. After making the move from Chicago to LA as the pandemic began, Smile High and his Main Squeeze bandmates hunkered down in their shared residence, known as the Squeeze House, passing the time by returning to what they knew best; through jam sessions. To keep fans engaged without live shows, the band took to broadcasting these sessions on Instagram Live in their backyard.

“This backyard shared a fence with a neighbor that we wanted to be respectful of,” Smiley stated. “So, I would always give them a heads up when we were filming, and they were super nice about it. They always said they loved our music, and we even heard them make music from their spot from time to time.”

Smile High

Smile High - press photo

The day before the Squeeze moved to a new house, Smiley went over to thank his neighbors for their cooperation, and he soon learned that 6LACK and QUIN had been occupying the house next door. After expressing a mutual appreciation for each other’s work, the three artists vowed to work on music together down the line. “Kinks” was the fulfillment of that promise; the beat was made at a jam session at 6LACK’s studio and 6LACK and QUIN added their verses in the coming months.

“Kinks” will be featured on Smile High’s and The Main Squeeze’s upcoming project, “The Vibetape.”

Smile High & The Main Squeeze – “The Vibetape” LP

Smile High - "The Vibetape" cover art

“The Vibetape” is a joint effort between Smiley—who got his nickname from his “resting smile face”—and internationally known jam band, The Main Squeeze, who he’s played keys with for over a decade. Each track on “The Vibetape” was recorded in a series of fun, low-pressure jam sessions at Smiley’s residence (a.k.a. The Squeeze House). The atmosphere was specifically curated as a contrast to the fake kindness and forced networking entrenched in LA’s music scene.

“I’ve always found the most joy in collaborating with others and combining what I do best with what other people do best, and just being pleasantly surprised with the end result,” Smiley explained. “That’s always been the essence of what I’ve been doing, and “The Vibetape” is truly the culmination of that.”

Smile High

Smile High press photo
Photo by Keith Griner

With over a dozen featured artists including Abhi the Nomad, Chuck Inglish of The Cool Kids, Felly, and Tiffany Gouché, “The Vibetape” is driven by collaboration and experimentation, a fusion of hip-hop, funk, and R&B that is reminiscent of a dinner party with friends.

Since the beginning of the rollout of “The Vibetape,” Smile High has nearly tripled his Spotify monthly listeners, with lead single “Real” (ft. Tiffany Gouché & Abhi the Nomad) landing on key Spotify editorials “R&B Weekly” (1M likes) and “Soul Coffee” (755K likes) playlists.

Smile High, The Main Squeeze, 6LACK – “Kinks” single featuring QUIN

Smile High, The Main Squeeze, 6LACK - “Kinks” single featuring QUIN cover art

“You gotta work out the kinks if you wanna get to the love!” QUIN stated

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