SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA - NOVEMBER 07: Drake performs at Qudos Bank Arena on November 7, 2017, in Sydney, Australia. (Photo by Lagerhaus/WireImage)

Drake releases a poppin’ music video for his “Nice for What” single

Drake is a chart-topping rapper outta Toronto, Canada. Not too long ago, he released a poppin’ music video for his new single, entitled, “Nice for What”.

Drake – “Nice for What”

“Everybody get your mothaf**kin’ roll on. I know shorty and she doesn’t want no slow song. Had a man last year, life goes on. Haven’t let that thing loose, girl, in so long. You’ve been inside, know you like to lay low. I’ve been peepin’ what you bringin’ to the table. Workin’ hard, girl, everything paid for. First-last, phone bill, car note, cable. With your phone out, gotta hit them angles. With your phone out, snappin’ like you Fabo.” – lyrics

‘Nice For What’ was produced by Murda Beatz and Noah “40” Shebib. The likable tune features a sample from Lauryn Hill’s “Ex Factor” single.

Also, the music video features cameos from Olivia Wilde, Issa Rae, and many other celebrities.

Drake – “Nice for What” single

“I understand, you got a hunnid bands. You got a baby Benz, you got some bad friends. High school pics, you was even bad then. You ain’t stressin’ off no lover in the past tense. You already had them. Work at 8 A.M., finish ’round five. Hoes talk down, you don’t see ’em outside. Yeah, they don’t really be the same offline. You know dark days, you know hard times. Doin’ overtime for the last month. Saturday, call the girls, get ’em gassed up. Gotta hit the club, gotta make that ass jump. Gotta hit the club like you hit them mothaf**kin’ angles. With your phone out, snappin’ like you Fabo.” – lyrics

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