Cole LC - “Nephew of Natalie” cover art

Cole LC releases a music video for his “Nephew of Natalie” single

Cole LC is a rising singer-songwriter from Leeds, England. Not too long ago, he released a music video for his “Nephew of Natalie” single via his own label, LC Recordings.

Cole LC – “Nephew of Natalie” music video

“I could not believe you thought I’d never arrive when I’ve always said I’m down. There’s a lot of animosity in love – but we got to talk it out. There’s no way I could leave this all alone without appropriate discussion. Empty space inside my bed and overthinking everything and nothing. I could never leave and let you wander on the street and fall into some arms. ‘Cause I feel like we got a way to go to properly find out who we really are.” – lyrics

‘Nephew of Natalie’ tells a heartfelt tale about a young guy who wants the very best to happen to a woman who he cares a great deal about. He wants her to obtain all of the stuff that he should have given her, but he didn’t. They are far from perfect, but when they are together, being perfect doesn’t seem too far to reach. Later, he tells her, “I could not survive this whirlwind and carry on if I don’t say out loud. You would cry as they bury me, not knowing I’m turning in the ground.”

‘Nephew of Natalie’ contains a relatable narrative that will resonate well with fans of Aitch, Drake, and Jack Harlow. The emotional tune possesses mellow drum-laden instrumentation flavored with electro-house and UK garage elements. Furthermore, “Nephew of Natalie” is the third track to be released from Cole LC’s upcoming EP.

“I would always put you first and take some time for you to take a second.”

Cole LC - “Toxicity” press photo

“‘Nephew of Natalie’ is a song about acceptance or looking for it in another person. Laying all your cards on the table and being the realest version of yourself possible, not trying to be perfect, only as you are.” – Cole LC explained

Cole LC’s inspirations are drawn from multiple influences. He honed his skills and built an audience by sharing original tunes and freestyle raps across social media and busking from an early age. After releasing his first set of tracks in 2021, Cole LC performed at Reading, Leeds, and Parklife festivals, and picked up support from GRM Daily, SBTV, and Mixtape Madness. His previous singles include “Most Humans are *icks” and “Toxicity.”

Cole LC – “Nephew of Natalie” single

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