A1 x J1 and Aitch - “Latest Trends (Remix)” video press photo.

A1 x J1 and Aitch release a music video for their “Latest Trends (Remix)” single

A1 is a 15-year-old Coventry-based rapper from North West, London. J1 is a 17-year-old rapper from Kent, South East England. Not too long ago, A1 x J1  and Aitch (one of the UK’s favorite rappers) released a music video for their hotly anticipated remix single, entitled, “Latest Trends (Remix).”

A1 x J1 and Aitch – “Latest Trends (Remix)” single

“I found out what studio A1 & J1 was at and I pulled up to them unexpectedly. Loved what the young G’s were doing and their story behind how they linked up and how they made the ‘Latest Trends’ song. So I wanted to meet them in the flesh and show some love. Got to the studio and was gassed to meet each other on both sides. I asked if I could jump on a remix to the song. The boys kindly said yes and we got it cracking. Done the remix there and then and caught a vibe.” – Aitch wrote a message about A1 & J1 on his Snapchat

Aitch has been supporting A1 x J1 from the start. He co-signed the original track on his Snapchat and tweeted about it too. Not too long ago, he surprised the two young rappers in the studio and asked them to be on the remix. They agreed, and A1 later laid down an incredible new verse for the remix.

Aitch’s vocals on the remix cement the tune as an anthem throughout the upcoming summer. Also, the remix solidifies why A1 x J1 and Aitch are the hottest UK prospects. The love shown between the artists has been phenomenal and it has all come together naturally with mutual respect for each other, with Aitch fully backing them and wanting them to succeed.

A1 x J1 – “Latest Trends” music video

A1 x J1 entered the official charts Top 20 with their debut single, entitled, “Latest Trends.” Currently, the song sits in the Top 10 Spotify Chart and holds the #11 spot in the Global Viral Chart. Also, it has over 15 million streams online via Spotify. Plus, it’s Top 10 in Belgium, Iceland, Switzerland, Austria, Denmark, Sweden, Ireland, Norway, Australia, UK, Germany, Canada, and the Netherlands. Furthermore, within a month, it has been Shamazed over 100k times. Plus, it has seen support from Rickie, Melvin and Charlie, Scott Mills, DJ Target, and Reece Parkinson.

“I don’t care about the latest trend ‘cause I might even die tomorrow.”

A1 x J1 and Aitch - “Latest Trends (Remix)” cover art.

We recommend adding A1 x J1’s and Aitch’s “Latest Trends (Remix)” single to your favorite playlist. Also, let us know how you feel in the comment section below. Mel Blanc’s famous catchphrase, “That’s All Folks!” Thanks for reading another great article on Bong Mines Entertainment, and always remember that (P) Positive, (E) Energy, (A) Always, (C) Creates, (E) Elevation (P.E.A.C.E).

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