Chloe Lilac press photo by Jasper Soloff
Photo by Jasper Soloff

Chloe Lilac releases a music video for her “High School” single

Chloe Lilac is a rising singer-songwriter from Brooklyn, New York. Not too long ago, she released a music video for her “High School” single.

Chloe Lilac – “High School” music video

“The song is all about the relief of high school being over. I had a really tough time in high school so when it was done I was so-so-so happy about it. Jasper Soloff (the director) and I wanted to depict the stereotypes that define the typical high school experience. We captured scenes of me and my friends on our phones, a house party scene, and the excitement of a new high school sweetheart—all with a raw, Gen Z spin.” – Chloe Lilac told Billboard

‘High School’, a melancholic ode to endings and new beginnings, is the second release from Chloe Lilac’s forthcoming sophomore EP.

Also, the likable tune follows on the heels of her previously released single, entitled, “Special”.

“Special” music video

“‘Special’ is about how people will lie to get in your pants and how dumb they sound while doing it. And the video is all about how young love shouldn’t be taken too seriously. It was so much fun to make and so many of my homies came. My creative director Jasper and his team absolutely crushed it!” – Chloe Lilac

Not too long ago, Chloe Lilac began her support tour with mxmtoon, which kicked off in Toronto.

Also, she has joined various rising artists on tour including Charlotte Lawrence, Sasha Sloan, and Rejjie Snow.

Not too long ago, she performed at SXSW 2019 and later joined Tessa Violet on her summer 2019 tour.

Now, Lilac is set to headline Neon Gold’s renowned “Popshop” showcase in Los Angeles this month.

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Chloe Lilac - “High School” cover

“Running around the city streets. Hoping I’ll run into you. When I got so much sh*t to do. Do you think about me still? Sometimes, sometimes I think I’m uncool. Then I remember, this isn’t high school. Sometimes, sometimes I miss the old you. Then I remember, this isn’t high school.” – lyrics

‘Special’ and ‘High School’ are the first releases from Chloe Lilac since her spring debut EP, entitled, “Manic Pixie Dream”.

With only one EP released, she has already enjoyed over 12 million Spotify streams and notable playlist adds (e.g. New Music Friday, Young & Free, & Good Vibes).

‘High School’ contains a relatable storyline, ear-welcoming vocals, and tuneful melodies. Also, it possesses melodic instrumentation scented with a contemporary pop aroma.

We recommend adding it to your personal playlist. Also, let us know how you feel about it in the comment section below.

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