Chloe Lilac press photo by Bobby Banks
Photo by Bobby Banks

Chloe Lilac unveils a captivating music video for her “DOUCHEBAG” single

Chloe Lilac is a rising singer-songwriter from Brooklyn, New York. Not too long ago, she released a captivating music video for her “DOUCHEBAG” single, produced by Dreambear.

Chloe Lilac – “DOUCHEBAG” music video

“I know it’s fun to be a douchebag, I ain’t got time for that, it’s too bad. I know you think you locked it down but you don’t. Even know that I’m already gone. It’s so cliché to be a douchebag. It ain’t romantic when you’re stupid. You could’ve had me if you tried to be cool. But you suck, so I’m already gone.” – lyrics

‘DOUCHEBAG’ tells a bittersweet tale of a young woman who shares a problematic relationship with an obnoxious, entitled jerk. Apparently, he’s also a pathological liar who is creeping in Boston, loving everybody but her. Therefore, she breezes with the wind because she refuses to be played by a douchebag.

‘DOUCHEBAG’ is a kiss-off pop-punk ode to a worthless ex. “It’s really about me just sticking it to that mother**ker,” stated Chloe Lilac. The charismatic singer is back in the pocket with an attractive tune that’s edgy yet under control in a chaotic way. Furthermore, the song is the title track of Lilac’s highly-anticipated sophomore EP, entitled, “DOUCHEBAG”.

“You keep saying you love me like it’s something you think I need to hear.”

Chloe Lilac press photo by Bobby Banks
Photo by Bobby Banks

‘DOUCHEBAG’ marks the culmination of a period of unprecedented growth for Chloe Lilac. The project embodies a hard look inward—a fearless, anthemic collection of tracks intended to inspire strength from within. Also, Lilac has become a beacon of strength for young women and artists as they navigate the struggle of a global pandemic and a precarious future.

“If your friends say I’m crazy, you should hear the sh*t my friends say ‘bout you.”

Chloe Lilac - “DOUCHEBAG” cover

“As a young woman, I’m so conditioned to just take what men give me and thank them for it. These songs on my EP are about empowering myself and my listeners to give them the strength to manifest confidence. It’s for myself and for them. It’s both.” – Chloe Lilac stated

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