Black Privilege book by Charlamagne tha God

Charlamagne Tha God releases his “Black Privilege” book

Charlamagne Tha God releases “Black Privilege“. The book is an inspirationally-honest book, smelted with hip-hop narratives and Southern hospitality. From beginning to end, readers are encouraged to create their own opportunities, regardless of their starting points in life.

Charlamagne Tha God

By embracing optimistic thoughts and cuttin’ ties with pessimistic ones, C. Tha God masterfully planted the black privilege seed—being aware of who you are and drawing strength from that consciousness—into the minds of readers. By living in your truth, and embracing everything that is true about you, whether your weaknesses or strong points, you can overcome and succeed with confidence.

Charlamagne Tha God

As a motivational tool to encourage readers, C. Tha God used legendary rap lyrics, Five Percent teachings, black-powered literature, and every relatable and poppin’ black thing, to get his point across. But his secret weapon is his experiences, which he doesn’t acknowledge as loses, but lessons learned.

To correlate with C. Tha God’s Five Percent teachings, we concluded that 85 percent of “Black Privilege” is digestible, 10 percent is cringeworthily hard to swallow, and the remaining 5 percent is unnecessary fat that should’ve been cut.

All in all, “Black Privilege” is informative and easy to read. But don’t judge it by its cover, or who’s on the cover, but judge it by the words written within its pages.

“Never stunt your own growth by dismissing something just because it doesn’t feel familiar.” – C. Tha God 

Check out Charlamagne Tha God’s audiobook version of Black Privilege.

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