Jason Derulo visits “Good Morning America”
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Jason Derulo visits Good Morning America to talk about his new book, ‘Sing Your Name Out Loud,’ & his new single, ‘Glad U Came’

Jason Derulo is an award-winning, chart-topping singer-songwriter and dancer from Miramar, Florida. Not too long ago, he visited “Good Morning America” to talk about his new book, “Sing Your Name Out Loud,” with co-anchor, Michael Strahan. While there, Jason also discussed his brand-new pop single, “Glad U Came,” and his son’s favorite song of his that he oftentimes asks to listen to on repeat.

Jason Derulo visits “Good Morning America”

“I’ve been through a lot in my life, a lot of high-highs and a lot of low-lows, and I tried to take a look at my life and figure out when I made the largest leaps of success. I tried to whittle down what it was that made me successful and why I was different than a lot of dreamers out there. I was able to bring it down to 15 anecdotes that I thought were the things that made me who I am today.

I think there’s a lot of young dreamers out there that are abandoning their dreams […], and it’s a shame because I feel like I live a fantastic life because I enjoy what I do, and I live my most successful life–my dream life. I also think there’s a lot of older dreamers out there that might think it’s too late. And so, I decided to write this book because I was that person.” – Jason Derulo stated

Jason Derulo also shared how his son loves music and that his favorite song of his is “Take You Dancing,” calling it, “Daddy’s song,” when he wants it played repeatedly. Derulo’s son loves being in the studio with his father and he is drawn to the guitar.

Jason Derulo “Sing Your Name Out Loud” book

Jason Derulo “Sing Your Name Out Loud” book

In his page-turning and inspiring first book, Jason Derulo shares his 15 rules for finding success in any pursuit and invites everyone—especially artists and creators—to start on their path to greatness. The book takes readers into the mind of one of the most consistent, dominating, and versatile artists alive.

Defying every possible odd, Derulo has cemented himself again and again, hit after hit, as one of the hardest-working singers, dancers, and performers in the world and a risk-taking force of nature.

Jason Derulo – “Glad U Came” (Official Music Video)

Derulo also spoke of his new single, “Glad U Came,” which arrived after not having released new music in two years. He said, “Every song is different. Sometimes songs come pretty easy to me, and then in other songs are like a work in progress. This song, I knew something was special about it, but something just wasn’t right with it, and I just poked at it for a couple of years until finally, I was like, ‘it’s perfect.'” He added, “At some point, you have to release it to the world” and “give it to the people.”

Jason Derulo – “Glad U Came” single

Jason Derulo – “Glad U Came” cover art

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