Bianca Ryan
Photo by Anthony Naylor

Bianca Ryan releases an inspirational music video for her “Remember” single

Bianca Ryan is a singer-songwriter from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Not too long ago, we interviewed her about her inspirational single, entitled, “Remember”.

What’s the storyline behind “Remember”?

Bianca Ryan: I wrote this song about my journey since winning America’s Got Talent 10+ years ago at just 11 years old. That may sound like a dream come true but it’s actually been a heck of a journey for me. Since then, finding myself as an artist, and learning a lot from a lot of downs and disappointments.

Bianca Ryan – “Remember”

Bianca Ryan

‘Remember’ is about never losing hope even after falling down so many times. I’ve made a lot of mistakes in the last 10 years in the industry and it’s an industry of very little chances. So, of course, you tend to look back and think to yourself, “If I could go back I would do things differently.

But in the end, all those mistakes were meant to happen to be able to become who I am today and learn what I know now. If you ever fell before, you wouldn’t know how to pick yourself up.

That’s why one of the lyrics in the chorus says, “Could I write my wrongs? Could I do it again baby? Just one more chance, Maybe? And if I can’t change time, I could change the now maybe, Just remember what you’re old man said, You’ll be there.”

The song is very deep to me. I haven’t released something this deep to me in…well, I don’t think ever.

Bianca Ryan – “Remember”

The music video shows a triumphant Ryan seated on a luxurious chair with a floral wall in the background. Also, early footages of her rise to stardom are shown every now and then to show how far Ryan has traveled in the music industry.

Is this single part of an upcoming project?

BR: Oh yes! There’s a music video that’s coming out along with it. It’s been crazy doing this whole release independently. I’ve learned so much in releasing my last 5 singles independently, I just couldn’t feel more blessed and more proud.

I will be doing an upcoming Kickstarter to help support the marketing of this song and the next few singles. I want everyone around the world to be able to hear these songs and hopefully, I’ll be able to make that happen.

You can definitely expect a ton more singles for 2018. I already have 3 more singles ready to go. WOOHOO!

Any memorable moments while recording “Remember”?

BR: Remember is such a special song for me. It was very hard recording the music video. I honestly can’t listen to the song without crying. No one will ever know the deep down meaning of this song and the very specifics.

It’s just too personal for me to be able to share the details, but I couldn’t get through one take of shooting without crying. I was like, “NO MY MAKEUP.” I had to do a lot of regrouping.

What’s one stat that you’re really proud of?

BR: My single “Alice” featuring Chloe Lukasiak is actually so close to hitting 2M streams on Spotify and YouTube. Woohoo!

Anything else you would like to say?

BR: Well for this single, I really want to give back so I’ve worked really hard to get together a TON of giveaways. So stay tuned for those. I’ve teamed up with a TON of amazing brands to bring you guys some awesome stuff. I’m very much into hair and beauty so you’ll be seeing some incredible giveaway packages from brands like IGK Hair, DryBar, Urban Decay, Too Faced, etc.

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