Bea Miller - “jealous of my friends” press photo
Photo by Gina Manning / GIZELLA

Bea Miller confronts envy on her new single, entitled, “jealous of my friends”

Bea Miller is reveling in her independence and the freedom to be unapologetically herself. Not too long ago, she shared her vulnerable side as she gets candid and bares her soul on her new single, “jealous of my friends,” released via her label, gauche records (ADA Worldwide). The electrifying single was produced by Colin Brittain (Dashboard Confessional, Papa Roach, 5 Seconds of Summer) and Nick Long (Machine Gun Kelly, BØRNS, King Princess). Long also collaborated with Bea on the writing, with additional help from songwriters—Julian Cruz, Mason Sachs, and Andrew Luce.

Bea Miller – “jealous of my friends” music video

“We wanted to showcase how feeling anything but happy for your friends when they experience great things can be scary, because you know it’s wrong. The video begins with my reaction to a shadow but ends with me being alone with myself. I feel this depicts that it’s truly a self-issue, probably due to your own insecurities, that leads you to be envious sometimes of the people you should be most proud of.” – Bea Miller explained

The “jealous of my friends” visualizer serves as the third installment of BEA MILLER’S CABINET, a twelve-part visual compendium brought to life by Bea’s creative partner, Gina Manning / GIZELLA. The haunting vignette aptly tackles the theme of ENVY, following Bea interacting with her menacing shadow that’s taken on a monstrous form. The shadow grows bigger and creepier throughout the song alongside Bea’s mounting anxiety.

‘jealous of my friends’ contains an unabashedly honest narrative, pulsating drums, and pop-punk-y guitars. With great passion, Bea Miller sings, “I get jealous of my friends sometimes; I fake a smile and I pretend I’m fine. I know you’re not supposed to say it, and honestly, I hate it.”

“I get jealous of my friends sometimes.”

Bea Miller - “jealous of my friends” cover art
Photo by Gina Manning / GIZELLA

“‘jealous of my friends’ is a song I was honestly a bit hesitant to release. Nobody wants to admit that they feel anything but proud and excited for their friends when they accomplish or experience great things. I think though, that it’s only human nature to grapple with pride and jealousy every once in a while, and I’m hoping that if people relate to this song, they’ll be a little bit less hard on themselves for it, knowing they’re not the only one.” – Bea Miller explained

‘jealous of my friends’ continues Bea Miller’s incredible indie ascension and artistic evolution, following successful singles, “lonely b*tch” (January 13), and “cynical” (February 15). Both songs were co-written with Cara Salimando (Allie X, bülow, Dua Lipa, Hey Violet), and produced by Brittain. Having set the tone for an incredible year to come, Bea Miller is just getting started.

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