Bea Kadri - “Outpour” press photo

Bea Kadri releases a lovely music video for her “Outpour” single

Bea Kadri is a London-based singer-songwriter from Beirut, Lebanon. Not too long ago, she released a lovely music video for her “Outpour” single. The song was written by Bea and produced by Arthur Francko.

Bea Kadri – “Outpour” music video

“Lightin’ up the dark in you. Think I hit a spot, are we still cool? Must’ve said a lot, so crude. Didn’t mean to leave another mark on you. Some days, you got it, sometimes, you’re donе. You can be selfish with the way you lovе. If you don’t get some, you don’t give out. No big secret, just open up. You need your distance, I call your bluff. You’re too scared to ‘cause another fall. It’s too late ‘cause I’m invested now. I got your demons aimin’ for my crown.” – lyrics

‘Outpour’ centers around Bea Kadri’s experience in a long-distance relationship. In this track, Bea feels vulnerable and exposed as she realizes the consequences of supporting a partner who isn’t showing up for himself or allowing her in.

‘Outpour’ contains a heartfelt narrative, ear-pleasing vocals, and tuneful melodies that will resonate well with fans of Sabrina Claudio, Gaby Zacara, and Elizabritz. The romantically sad tune possesses melodic instrumentation flavored with contemporary dance, electro-R&B, and moody pop elements. Furthermore, “Outpour” serves as a savory entrée of what listeners can expect to hear on Bea Kadri’s upcoming debut album.

“I was hoping I could save him from himself but instead I started losing myself.”

Bea Kadri press photo

“How do I save you, can’t risk losin’ myself. Tap in your frequency, we both know that you can. Dig a little deeper, deeper for me, babe. Can’t always relate but you’re safer in here than when you go and outpour.” – lyrics

Bea Kadri grew up listening to ‘90s R&B, Pop, and hip-hop. These genres laid the groundwork for her own personal story-telling. Her sound focuses on a chill and sultry vibe while her writing is a more personal look into Bea’s mind, centered on self-discovery, empowerment, and all matters of the heart.

Bea’s musical background comes from her experience in performing all over Beirut, London, and Dubai. Also, she has performed at the BRIT Awards with Justin Timberlake and Chris Stapleton as a member of their choir. Since 2018, Bea has released a handful of records, accumulating over 1.29 million streams. Plus, she has landed on New Music Daily and New Music Friday editorials on Spotify and Apple Music.

“Can’t identify your feelings – that’s what I’m for. Let me share my light when I got more.”

Bea Kadri - “Outpour” song cover art

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