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Elizabritz releases a groovy electro-R&B tune, entitled, “Floating”

Elizabritz is an LA-based electronic music duo. Not too long ago, they released a groovy electro-R&B tune, entitled, “Floating”.

Elizabritz – “Floating” single

“‘Floating’ is about chasing your dreams. The mellow guitar and dance beat makes you feel like you’re floating in the wind or lying on the beach smiling in the sunlight. Because we make our music in Santa Monica, we tried to encapsulate the relaxing, beachy vibes of summer that we get to experience here.” – Elizabritz

‘Floating’ contains a relatable storyline, pleasant vocals, and groovy instrumentation flavored with neo-soul, lo-fi, and indie-R&B elements.

The likable tune will be featured on Elizabritz’s upcoming EP.

Elizabritz – “Floating” single

Elizabritz – “Floating” cover art

Elizabritz consists of singer Rachael Eff and producer Fantom. They met while studying at UC Berkeley.

While there, amid a high stakes academic environment, they realized they shared a mutual passion for creating music.

Later, when their peers graduated and went off to become lawyers and doctors, Elizabritz moved to Los Angeles.

To make ends meet, Elizabritz worked odd jobs during the day and occupied their nights creating soulful, electronic music.

Since then, they’ve been working on a new set of songs which highlights their soulful sound.

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