Gaby Zacara press photo

Gaby Zacara releases a charming electro-R&B tune, entitled, “Covered In Gold”

Gaby Zacara is a singer-songwriter based in Manchester, England. Not too long ago, she released a charming electro-R&B tune, entitled, “Covered In Gold”.

Gaby Zacara – “Covered In Gold” single

“Come away with me one time. I’ll show you things that’ll blow your mind. Ride out with me tonight. Let me take you to paradise. Just like the stories you’re told where everything you love is covered in gold. You can live your fantasy. It’ll feel so real you’ll never leave me. And I’ll make you see this ain’t no dream, no make believe.” – lyrics

‘Covered In Gold’ aims to inspire listeners to see the beauty in being their unique selves.

Also, the likable tune reminds us of our true divinity and learning how to fall in love with life all over again.

‘Covered In Gold’ contains a dreamy storyline, ear-welcoming vocals, and well-placed melodies. Also, the song possesses lavish instrumentation flavored with a chill electro-R&B vibration and commercial pop aroma.

Gaby Zacara

Gaby Zacara press photo

“The song has two meanings. It’s really easy in life for us to compare ourselves to other people, and just feel a constant lacking that we do not have what we want or need. The first meaning is a reminder to try and focus on the positive and notice all the amazing things we already have in our lives (e.g., good friends, family, a good job, a house for a safe night sleep, a warm and dry bed, health, eyes to see, hearing to listen to music with, etc.). And to feel gratitude for it, completely changing the way we feel about life and the world around us. It’s about seeing the value in what we already have right now.”  – Gaby Zacara

Gaby Zacara is a name you should remember.

She possesses a spiritually conscious soul devoted to changing the world through her music and lyrics.

Renowned in the music industry for her electronic top-lining skills, her music has amassed over 25 million streams worldwide.

Gaby Zacara – “Covered In Gold” single

Gaby Zacara - “Covered In Gold” cover

“The second meaning is a deeper spiritual meaning referencing ideas from ‘The Golden Age’, ‘The Holy Science’, The Esoteric, Syncretism, and Astrotheology. About our souls and true divine nature waking up spiritually and consciously.” – Gaby Zacara

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