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Bea Kadri releases a wonderful music video for her “Come Over” single

Bea Kadri is an independent London-based singer-songwriter from Beirut, Lebanon. Not too long ago, she released a wonderful music video for her “Come Over” single.

Bea Kadri – “Come Over” music video

“Who doesn’t dabble with the idea of going back to an ex? It’s familiar, it’s love, even if it’s toxic, there’s a sweet spot. That’s what ‘Come Over’ is about, entertaining that idea but then waking up from that delusional thought.” – Bea Kadri explained

‘Come Over’ is a song that describes a relatable wishful thinking moment, post-break-up, where Bea Kadri wants to remember only the good and entertain the idea of getting back together for the 100th time – a feeling she quickly sobers up from to pursue her independent empowered path.

In the seventh position, “Come Over” is featured on Bea Kadri’s debut album, entitled, “No Love For The Long Distance,” a healing journey with empowering anthems celebrating liberation in the second half of the story.

Bea Kadri – “No Love For The Long Distance” album

Bea Kadri - “No Love For The Long Distance” album

‘No Love For The Long Distance’ is inspired by Bea Kadri’s own experience in a five-year long-distance relationship that witnessed a rollercoaster of emotions. It takes listeners on a relatable journey through 11 tracks that gradually convey the evolution of their story from sweet start to downfall to liberation, showcasing Kadri’s versatility in songwriting and delivery as she portrays complex feelings playing both the victim and the villain. The album also includes her debut in Arabic singing and songwriting on tracks like “Ruthless Ma Ber7am” and “Liberated.”

Bea Kadri - liberated look cover

Kadri started working on the album during quarantine, the chapter where the long distance became more challenging to save, and she did so by diving into collaborations done mostly online with producers and artists from around the world: LA, Stockholm, Dubai, Beirut, London, and more. Some of the tracks on the album still have the raw heartfelt demo vocal takes from her home studio, tears and all.

Bea Kadri press shot

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