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Avery Raquel releases a delightful neo-soul tune, entitled, “You Said”

Avery Raquel is a Billboard-charting singer-songwriter and musician from Hamilton, Canada. Not too long ago, she released a delightful neo-soul tune, entitled, “You Said.”

Avery Raquel – “You Said” single

“‘You Said’ is a lively song about new love. I want to encourage listeners to go back into their own lives and remember that moment when they felt new love, and how exciting that feeling can be. After so much depression and isolation, it was refreshing to feel awake again. Throughout my time during the pandemic, I had decided to reluctantly join Tinder on a whim, to pass the time.

I matched with a few people, but this one person had asked me to go out on a first date, which was basically a walk because nothing was open at the time. We went out on May 24th down by the river in my hometown, and we found a spot on the bay to sit and talk. Something that I thought would be an hour or two turned into six hours, I was enamored. That moment became the inspiration for ‘You Said,’ which I wrote for my personal songwriting challenge in May 2020.” – Avery Raquel explained

‘You Said’ tells a heartfelt tale about a young woman who experiences love during the summertime. Apparently, her significant other stole her heart with these words, “I think I love you.” After so much stress, it’s refreshing for her to feel alive again. Therefore, she tells her new beau, “I wouldn’t trade you for the world.”

‘You Said’ contains a love-based narrative and ear-pleasing soul vocals that will resonate well with fans of Gracie Ella, Sara Diamond, Raquel Lily, and Maddie King. The soulful tune possesses jazz and blues-laden instrumentation flavored with neo-soul, alternative soul, and Adult Contemporary elements. Furthermore, “You Said” is featured on Avery Raquel’s fourth studio album, entitled, “Avery Raquel,” a new collection of personal, yet relatable tunes.

Avery Raquel album

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“‘Avery Raquel’ was inspired by my reflective thoughts during COVID. As I writer, I write my music based on real-life and real-life had taken quite the pauses. This allowed me to really reflect back on the things I have been through in the past, present, and what might conspire in the future. This album is the first that I believe is fully and entirely me.” – Avery Raquel explained

Inspired by the music from the ’70s, “Avery Raquel” contains pop ballads, storytelling songs, groovy upbeat numbers, and neo-soul-influenced arrangements inspired by Avery’s reflective thoughts during COVID. Listeners can hear influences from Etta James, Carole King, Amy Winehouse, Lauryn Hill, Bruno Major, and Allen Stone throughout the project. Also, the 12-track album is a true representation of who Avery Raquel is as an artist. She’s found her voice, her sound, and the type of music she loves to create and perform. That’s why this album is self-titled because it’s like re-introducing Avery Raquel to the world.

Avery Raquel

Avery Raquel press photo
Photo by Jemall Earle

At the age of 20, Avery Raquel isn’t new to songwriting. So far, she has won numerous awards including as a Finalist in the John Lennon Songwriting Contest three times. From Toronto to Montreal, New York to Newport, she continues to wow audiences with her vocal performances. Whether singing, playing the piano, guitar, or even her ukulele, Avery is having the time of her life. Also, she is doing what she always hoped to do, putting smiles on people’s faces through the language of music.

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