Avery Raquel
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Avery Raquel covers Adele’s “One and Only” single

Avery Raquel is a talented young R&B/soul singer outta Hamilton, Canada. Not too long ago, she covered Adele’s “One and Only” Pop ballad from Adele’s “21” album.

Avery Raquel – “One and Only” [Cover]

Raquel’s soul version of “One and Only” is passionate, heartfelt, and emotionally mirrors the original.

Check out Adele’s music video for her “One and Only” single.

“…another happy song, and it’s not about the same guy the record’s about. It’s about someone that I’ve known for years and we’ve always really liked each other and never been together, even though I’m pretty convinced I’m gonna marry this guy in the end.” – Adele

In conclusion, Avery Raquel’s music is soulfully beautiful. Check out her 2017 EPK below to get to know her a little bit more.

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