Ava Della Pietra - “it started with u” press photo orange-brown-tool-dress

Ava Della Pietra releases a lovely lyric visualizer for her gripping new pop ballad, entitled, “it started with u”

Ava Della Pietra is a rising singer-songwriter, Broadway actress, and multi-instrumentalist. Not too long ago, she released a lovely lyric visualizer for her gripping new pop ballad, titled, “it started with u,” via Avadon Music LLC.

Ava Della Pietra – “it started with u” lyric video

“I wrote ‘it started with u’ after being shut out by someone I thought was my best friend. It’s about recognizing the huge impact this person had on my life, while also realizing that I have the power to take that negativity and turn it around, so I can come out of the experience stronger than ever.” – Ava Della Pietra explained

‘it started with u’ finds Ava Della Pietra reflecting on the pain of a lost relationship, and the power each of us has to shape our own narrative, even when we’ve been hurt. The song is expertly produced by Will Hicks, who has previously worked with top artists such as Ed Sheeran and Beyoncé.

‘it started with u’ is the latest in a series of new releases from Ava centered around the theme of “you,” following the February release of the sleek, electro-pop single, “happy for you,” which has reached #31 on the Hot AC Radio Charts so far.

Ava Della Pietra – “happy for you” (Performance Video)

The release of Ava’s new single comes on the heels of her acceptance into the prestigious Harvard University – Berklee College of Music dual degree program. Designed for exceptional musicians interested in a diverse range of artistic careers as well as an elite liberal arts education, the dual degree will allow Ava to complete Harvard’s liberal arts curriculum while pursuing an advanced degree in music, as well as her music career.

Ava has managed to maintain an exceptional academic track record while balancing her career as a Broadway actress and pop songwriter. She is valedictorian of her high school class this year, and her academic excellence has led to her involvement in the National Honor Society and Spanish Honor Society.

Ava Della Pietra

Ava Della Pietra - “it started with u” press photo biting finger

“Music is my journal, a true snapshot of my life, and a powerful way for me to convey my thoughts and ideas. I hope my songs help others discover more about themselves and their emotions, just as they have helped me.” – Ava Della Pietra stated

It’s hard to believe that Ava Della Pietra is only days away from her 18th birthday. During her high school years, she performed in several New York State School Music Association competitions, and was named the organization’s student songwriter showcase winner for her original songs, “Moon” and “Optimist.”

Outside of the classroom, Ava has been involved in several community service projects. She is the founder of the Organic Vegetable Gardening Club, donating fresh, healthy vegetables to local food pantries. In addition, she has donated proceeds from her original music to nonprofits like KIND and the Safe Passage Project. This past summer, Ava held an internship at Weill Cornell in NYC and at Stony Brook University Hospital, where she shadowed physicians and received the Leadership Award for Outstanding Service.

Ava Della Pietra

Ava Della Pietra - “it started with u” press photo orange-brown-tool-dress

This summer, fans will have the chance to see Ava Della Pietra in person as she embarks on a tour across New York, Connecticut, and Pennsylvania. This will give fans an up-close and personal experience with Ava’s vibrant energy and raw talent. Stay tuned for more information on tour dates and venues.

Ava Della Pietra – “it started with u” single

Ava Della Pietra - “it started with u” cover art

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