Ed Sheeran on Good Morning America
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Ed Sheeran visits Good Morning America to talk about winning his copyright-infringement lawsuit

Ed Sheeran is a Grammy® Award-winning singer-songwriter and musician. Not too long ago, he was live on Good Morning America (GMA) with co-anchor, Robin Roberts, in his first interview since winning the copyright-infringement trial last week. The lawsuit alleged that Sheeran copied Marvin Gaye’s song, “Let’s Get It On,” when he wrote his Grammy-winning hit, “Thinking Out Loud.”

Ed Sheeran on Good Morning America

Ed Sheeran explained what stood out to the jury to help them rule in his favor: “101 songs with the same chord sequence and that was just like scratching the surface. So, I think it was basically that. It was very quick to see that and be like, oh, yeah, it’s not original.”

Robin asks, “Who’s idea was it to bring your guitar to the stand?”

Sheeran responded, “It was something like I’ve been wanting to do it for ages. You have to like – do due diligence in court. So, I just waited and knew that I would have my day to explain it and didn’t rush anything.”

Later, Sheeran was asked about his new Disney+ docuseries, “The Sum of It All.”

Ed Sheeran – “The Sum of It All” docuseries

Ed Sheeran - “The Sum of It All” banner

“I didn’t actually know that was what we were making. I was sort of filming a documentary on my album being made and the music video is being done and the gigs around it. The people that were making the documentary were like, ‘We don’t want to make some polished promo press package. So we’re going to film everything and just trust us that we’re going to do something that’s respectful to you.’ And they made this documentary on grief basically. I think it’s really beautiful.” – Ed Sheeran explained

Ed Sheeran originally thought “The Sum of It All” would focus on the making of his new album, corresponding music video, and gig performances. But the creative team made the case to candidly capture his life following his wife’s cancer diagnosis as well as the death of a dear friend, resulting in a series about grief.

Afterward, Sheeran performed his “Eyes Closed” single LIVE at GMA’s Times Square studio.

Ed Sheeran performs “Eyes Closed” on GMA

Sheeran also shared that when he sent his latest album, “Subtract,” to his record label, they first thought it was a breakup album. When Roberts asked him about the recent kick-off of his new album tour, Sheeran replied: “I’m still like honored and surprised that like America’s such a fast-moving country and you guys have such good American Music here that I’m always surprised that you still want to listen to the British guy coming over.”

Sheeran revealed his tour consists of playing in both intimate and big-stadium venues. Also, he set the record straight that the car on which he performed to a New York City crowd last week in a now-viral moment was NOT a stranger’s car. It was in fact a vehicle they recently used to shoot a music video.

Ed Sheeran “-“ (Deluxe) album’Ed Sheeran “-“ (Deluxe) album cover art

“I’ve never actually ever had an album where you know out the gate people are saying it’s good. It’s usually like years later people look back and go, ‘Yeah, it was all right.’ But so yeah, I’m really pleased with how it’s been received. It’s like it’s a different territory for me. I usually go in with like big pop singles and have it whereas this is very much it. Just exists as an album and it’s just something I’m super proud of. And it’ll just exist in my discography forever and it’s already a fan favorite.” – Ed Sheeran explained

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