Quavo poses for a portrait at the White House
AP Photo: Stephanie Scarbrough

ABC News’ “Good Morning America”: Exclusive Interview with Migos Rapper Quavo on His Fight for Gun Reform

In an ABC News exclusive interview that aired this morning on “Good Morning America,” ABC News senior congressional correspondent, Rachel Scott, caught up with Migos rapper, Quavo, on Capitol Hill as he advocates for gun reform nearly one year after losing his nephew and fellow Migos bandmate, Takeoff, to gun violence.

The GRAMMY®-nominated artist told Scott, “I know a lot of people out there who lost their loved ones to gun violence, and I think ain’t nothing being done about it.” Quavo later weighed in on what Takeoff would think about the work he’s doing, sharing that he would “most definitely be proud of me.”

Quavo advocates for gun reform

ABC News/”Good Morning America”

“I’ma survivor,” stated Quavo, speaking about the day his nephew got murdered. “I was there, so at the same time, it could have been both of us gone. So, I look at this as me being alive, I have to do a job and make everybody aware that losing my nephew, you could be in the same position.”

Quavo and his family have launched The Rocket Foundation in honor of Takeoff, pledging 2 million dollars towards gun violence prevention. Now, they’re putting the pressure on lawmakers to act accordingly. “I think all of us together is the key and we need help from this big old building right here,” Quavo said while standing outside the White House. It’s clear as day he’s working diligently to keep Takeoff’s legacy alive.

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