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Ava Della Pietra releases an uplifting pop tune, entitled, “Depend On Me”

Ava Della Pietra is a rising singer-songwriter, Broadway actress, and multi-instrumentalist. Not too long ago, she released an uplifting pop tune, entitled, “Depend On Me.”

Ava Della Pietra – “Depend On Me” single

Ava Della Pietra - “Depend On Me” album cover

“‘Depend On Me’ is about independence and knowing that I can count on myself to overcome obstacles. I think it’s important to be self-reliant so I can learn and be confident in my own decisions.” – Della Pietra explained

‘Depend On Me’ is an uplifting ballad about self-confidence. The likable tune possesses guitar-laden instrumentation flavored with an acoustic pop vibration. Furthermore, “Depend On Me” is featured on Ava Della Pietra’s debut EP, entitled, “truth or truth,” which features her standout single, “my boyfriend.”

Ava Della Pietra – “truth or truth” EP

Ava Della Pietra - “truth or truth” EP cover art

“I am going to take things as they go and continue to share my experiences with people. No matter what I do when I get older, I will always keep releasing music. Music is such a powerful way to convey my thoughts and ideas, it’s like a journal, a true snapshot of my life. Looking at it retrospectively, it has helped me discover a lot about myself; I hope my songs do the same for others.” – Ava Della Pietra explained 

Confident, talented, smart, and focused, the world is, as they say, Ava’s oyster, something she isn’t taking for granted. While the topics of her songs range from friendships to love to self-empowerment to world issues, Ava spends a lot of time with her lyrics when she’s writing, knowing that they will always be a place in time that she has captured.

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