Ava Della Pietra - “happy for you” press photo
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Ava Della Pietra releases an honest pop single, entitled, “happy for you”

Ava Della Pietra is a rising singer-songwriter, Broadway actress, and multi-instrumentalist. Not too long ago, she released an honest pop single, titled, “happy for you.” The accompanying acoustic live performance video showcases Ava’s natural gift and emotional connection to the tune. The footage gives a minimalistic and personal view of Ava’s rendition, letting her sweet yet impactful vocals take center stage.

Ava Della Pietra – “happy for you” (Performance Video)

“You’re talking to me, but I don’t hear a word. Focusing on my breath and the blur in my eyes trying to not cry. I know you don’t know I’m holding back tears. What’d you expect, I’ve loved you for years. I’d feel stupid if I just let go, you’ll never know. I hold it in, keep it in, and just keep smiling. Look away, not too long, that’s the thing. ‘Cause otherwise you’d realize that I’m breaking down.” – lyrics

‘happy for you’ is a great testament to Ava Della Pietra’s versatility and artistry. The song showcases her ability to craft a song that is both relatable and impactful. The upbeat and propulsive rhythm of “happy for you” contrasts perfectly with its introspective lyrics, creating a unique sound that will captivate listeners.

‘happy for you’ is an instantly-relatable love song that captures the experience of watching a love interest fall for someone else. With its catchy melody and tongue-in-cheek lyrics, this new single is sure to resonate well with audiences worldwide. Furthermore, “happy for you” is the first taste of Ava’s highly anticipated second EP, slated for release this spring of 2023.

“It’s hard to be happy for you when she’s the only one you see.”

Ava Della Pietra - “happy for you” press photo
Photo by Shervin

“I wrote ‘happy for you’ to share my own personal experience and to let others know that they are not alone in this emotional journey. It’s about finding the balance between being happy for someone and acknowledging your own feelings of regret.” – Ava Della Pietra explained

Ava Della Pietra is widely recognized as a rising pop star with numerous accolades to her name. Over the past year, she has taken the songwriting world by storm, being honored with awards from nine esteemed national and international contests.

Ava Della Pietra – “power of you” (Official Live Video)

Not long ago, Ava’s “power of you” single reached #21 on the Billboard Adult Contemporary Chart, putting her in the same league as Olivia Rodrigo and Taylor Swift.

Ava Della Pietra – “Optimist” (Official Lyric Video)

Ava’s “Optimist” single was awarded the “Outstanding Achievement in Songwriting” award by The Great American Song Contest, further highlighting her exceptional songwriting skills. The song reached #50 on the Top 40 radio chart and was singled out by notable media outlets.

“It’s hard for me biting my tongue when all that I know is you and me.”

Ava Della Pietra - “happy for you” press photo
Photo by Shervin

“Songs tend to come to me when I am outside taking a walk or enjoying nature. I will sing a verse and a chorus into my phone, and then when I get back inside, I write it all down and put chords to it on either the ukulele, piano, or guitar.

Music is my journal, a true snapshot of my life, and a powerful way for me to convey my thoughts and ideas. I hope my songs help others discover more about themselves and their emotions, just as they have helped me.” – Ava Della Pietra explained

Ava Della Pietra plays piano, guitar, bass, violin, and ukulele and is known to draw inspiration from her surroundings, whether it be while taking a walk or enjoying nature. Also, she’s connected with producer, Will Hicks (Ed Sheeran, Jamie Lawson, Beyoncé), and they collaborated on three songs Ava’s listeners have embraced: “Optimist,” “Christmas Tonight,” and “Home.”

Ava Della Pietra

With her new EP on the horizon, Ava Della Pietra is poised for an exciting year ahead. Fans can expect more of the same high-quality songwriting, dynamic vocals, and electrifying performances that have made her one of the most exciting young artists in the music industry today. Get ready to fall in love with Ava’s infectious sound and relatable lyrics, starting with her new single, “happy for you.”

Ava Della Pietra – “happy for you” single

Ava Della Pietra - “happy for you” cover art
Photo by Shervin

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