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Audrey releases a lovely music video for her “Time” single

Audrey is a Korean-American singer-songwriter based in New Jersey. Not too long ago, she released a lovely music video for her “Time” single, produced and co-written with manager-producer, Anwar Sawyer.

Audrey – “Time” music video

“I got a trap star in the backyard and all he wanna do is talk. I got silk rags in the bag. Car keys in the trash. I got motel sheets from the seven seas brimming with the finery. I got wall street wannabes waiting upstairs for me.” – lyrics

Audrey has established herself as an artist to watch.

The Emma Westenberg-directed audiovisual follows her on a journey through the grimy streets of Hollywood. While there, she has different interactions with would-be’s and faded stars.

Also, the music video is a dreamlike and abstract depiction of the timeless saying, fake it will you make it.

Audrey – “Time” single

Audrey - “Time” cover

“‘Time’ is a foster home for imaginary kids or people. A holding place for souls that went through life procrastinating and holding out on their dreams. I want to see female artists lead creatively, so working with Emma was such a privilege.” – Audrey

Audrey spins the fictional tale of “Time” with a series of vibrant characters. They express the narrative overtop a hypnotizing bassline, while her silky vocal paints the story well beyond the first dimension.

For R&B powerhouse Audrey, pushing boundaries is the name of the game. Setting the precedent as one of the first female Korean-American R&B acts breaking into mainstream culture.

Audrey – “Time” single

Audrey + Time video still photo

“My identity as a Korean-American is an important part of who I am. Normalizing that energy and culture are really what’s important to me. For the first time, push a face like mine into the mainstream, while never comprising my creativity.” – Audrey

A welcomed ambassador for her culture and gender, Audrey hangs her hat on the value of her work first.

Also, she embraces the responsibility of representing Korean-Americans, and women in pop music, regardless of their background.

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