Audrey is a New Jersey-based R&B/Soul singer-songwriter. Not too long ago, she released an attractive soul single, entitled, “Party”.

Audrey – “Party”

“Party” is a delicious R&B/Soul ballad perfumed with a summery jasmine scent. The setting, a gorgeous steak dinner for two, where only one person shows up.

Produced by The Innovatorz & Sawyer, the chords are lush but the drums and 808 are unkind. The song puts you in the room with a very sad Drake, next to Bey (after the infidelity). The hook will continue to swirl between your ears long after it’s over.



Audrey started singing the national anthem at major arenas and was recently featured on a Google commercial with Sampha that aired during the Grammys. Also, after a lovely freshman year at the NYU Clive Davis program, she is currently taking some time off to release music. She’s teamed up with producer Anwar Sawyer of RocNation and founder of indie label SMG Ent, to cultivate a new R&B electro edge.

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