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Alsndra releases a ‘90s-inspired R&B tune, entitled, “Trust”

Alsndra is an up-and-coming singer-songwriter based in Toronto, Canada. Not too long ago, she released a ‘90s-inspired R&B tune, entitled, “Trust”.

Alsndra – “Trust” single

‘Trust’ was produced by the Canadian hip-hop production team, Tone Mason (Drake, JAY-Z, and Tory Lanez). Also, the song was written by the Alsndra, RCHNSY, and Mae Oriel.

‘Trust’ contains a relatable narrative, pleasing vocals, and tuneful melodies. Also, the sensual tune possesses melodic instrumentation flavored with contemporary R&B blended with a ‘90s-inspired vibe. Furthermore, “Trust” follows hot on the heels of Alsndra’s previously released single, entitled, “Vibrator”.

Alsndra – “Vibrator” music video

“Said you wanna be my vibrator. Said you wanna push the button on my detonator. Up and down on that S%#T like an escalator. I need you breathing hard like you Darth Vader. Penthouse, where I’m at. Every day another trap. Yeah, I’m such a F*$%N brat but I keep that body looking like a snack. Three in the morning you know that I want it. I know that you want it. Hands all up on it. Take it like you stole it, you working my corners. Say that you’re loving my tongue the way that I choke it. I can make it disappear, hocus pocus.” – lyrics

Alsndra first made waves in 2016 with her vibe-focused and canna-positive single, entitled, “Blue Dream”. So far, the song has amassed over 200,000 streams online.

“Trust” single

Alsndra - “Trust” cover

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