JAY-Z releases a short film for “Bam” ft. Damian Marley

JAY-Z is a legendary rapper from Brooklyn, New York. Not too long ago, he released a narrative short film for “Bam” featuring Damian Marley.


“Shawn was on that gospel sh*t, I was on the total f**kin’ opposite. Sh*t, stuff a million dollars in the sock drawer. That’s a war chest in case you need your chest knocked off. Y’all be talkin’ crazy under them IG pictures. So when you get to Hell you tell ’em Blanco sent you. I can’t take no threats, I got a set of twins. Those were just the words you’ll never hear again. For the final time, you don’t believe these fools. I’ve never seen a worker rock so many jewels. I’ve never seen the runner with so many cars. Y’all couldn’t stop me, you’re not as tough as you say you are. My advice is just don’t be too nice to ni^^as.” – lyrics

The Rohan Blair-Mangat-directed film depicts Jay-Z in the heart of Kingston, Jamaica, at Tuff Gong International studio. “We’re whistles, the wind go through us, and we make the noise,” he raps with his heart on his sleeve. “Bam is featured on Jay-Z’s latest album, entitled, “4:44”.

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