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T-Pain releases a music video for his “Getcha Roll On” single featuring Tory Lanez

T-Pain is a singer-songwriter/rapper from Tallahassee, Florida. Not too long ago, he released a music video for his “Getcha Roll On” single featuring Tory Lanez.

T-Pain – “Getcha Roll On” feat. Torey Lanez

“She get on top of me and start doing gymnastics. She clean as ever but I love when she get nasty. Might even let her run right through this check. When I’m with you, I’m flexing on my ex. That’s why I let you come on the road, might even f*ck at the show. I got too nasty with your girl, now you can’t f*ck her no more.” – lyrics

‘Getcha Roll On’ is the lead single from T-Pain’s upcoming album, entitled, “1UP”.

The music video finds the bubbly entertainer performing outside while two nearby vehicles dangerously drift at high speeds. Also, police cars with activated siren lights and a firetruck raining water on the steamy pavement are visibly seen in the background. Other scenes find T-Pain and Lanez inside an underground warehouse with a lime-green sports car and several desirable female models.

‘Getcha Roll On’ contains a dreamy storyline, braggadocios vocals, and vocoded harmonies. Also, the club-friendly tune possesses vibey instrumentation flavored with trap, urban soul, and hip-hop elements. 

T-Pain + Torey Lanez

T-Pain – “Getcha Roll On” featuring Tory Lanez press photo

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