Yinka press photo
Photo by Lindsey Childs

Yinka releases a lovely lyric visualizer for her “Two Weeks” single

Yinka is a New York-raised, Los Angeles-based singer-songwriter from Benue, Nigeria. Not too long ago, she released a lovely lyric visualizer for her sultry new single, titled, “Two Weeks,” via Platoon.

Yinka – “Two Weeks” lyric video

“It feels like a lifetime with you, but it’s only been two weeks. Why do we fit so perfectly? Irregular like puzzle pieces but flawless when put together. Why would I lay with you and not want to leave? Why does your warmth take away my thoughts? We now have favorite places; you know my favorite things. You’re now my favorite person, you’re making me want a ring.” – lyrics

‘Two Weeks’ tells an endearing tale about a young woman who shares a new and budding relationship with her significant other. Apparently, she doesn’t want to do anything if it doesn’t involve her partner being there with her. Later, she tells her companion, “Your breath is my energy, I’m weak without you.”

Directed by Dave Rowe, the charismatic visual beautifully captures the raw intimacy between two lovers at the height of their romance. The tantalizing track embraces the dreamy warmth of new love that wraps you up and leaves you obsessed.

Yinka – “Two Weeks” visualizer

Self-described as Alternative Lover Girl Pop, Yinka inspires a notably guarded post-pandemic generation to embrace love between a partner, friend, and oneself. Her music explores passion, rejects gender norms, and sees her carving out a path of her own. Yinka’s songs are laced with underlying messages that articulate the importance of women being true to themselves and living beyond expectations placed upon them. She creates music for those who don’t conform to the status quo, setting new unstifled standards that are as profoundly versatile as her music.

Yinka’s musical influences include Solange, Rihanna, Destiny’s Child, Rosalia, Lana Del Rey, Celine Dion, Amy Winehouse, Sevdaliza, James Blake, and her love for classical and symphony orchestras.

Outside of being a talented musician, Yinka’s purpose goes beyond music. Gender equality is at the forefront of her art. Her songs are laced with underlying messages that articulate the importance of women being true to themselves and living beyond expectations placed upon them. Not too long ago, she raised funds to build an all-girls school in Tanzania that has a strong emphasis on creativity and the arts.


Yinka press photo
Photo by Lindsey Childs

“African music is not one dimensional. The world needs to open their musical palettes to the talented African artists that aren’t part of the status quo.” – Yinka stated

Yinka grew up in a traditional Nigerian family that prioritized education and gave little to no support when it came to music. She was obsessed with music and listened to anything she could get her hands on — gospel, Bollywood films, and Lágbájá — and later wrote her first song at the age of 7.

Yinka’s kaleidoscope of experiences has exposed her to a wide array of musical and visual styles. She creates music for those who don’t conform to one genre or sound and hopes to inspire others to differentiate themselves from the rest.

“I feel everything now”

Yinka press photo
Photo by Lindsey Childs

Yinka’s family moved to New York in hopes of a better life. Being a full-time musician meant everything to her, so she finished both her bachelor’s and master’s by the age of 22, and moved to Los Angeles to pursue her dream. Later, she gained the attention of the Afro-pop icon, Adekunle Gold. She was featured on “Exclusive,” off of his album, “Afro Pop Vol. 1,” and opened for him at the Lincoln Center in 2019. Her poignant lyricism, powerful voice, and exceptional style have marked Yinka as an artist to watch.

“Two Weeks” single

Yinka - Two Weeks coverart

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