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Yinka releases a wonderful 7-track EP, entitled, “Let’s Get Romantic”

Yinka is Nigeria-born, New York-raised, LA-based singer-songwriter. Not too long ago, she released a wonderful 7-track EP, titled, “Let’s Get Romantic,” via Platoon. In celebration, Yinka teamed up with Los Angeles-based director, Alyse Kane Riley, for the striking music video, which sees Yinka encouraging viewers to embrace romance. The visual further showcases a stunning portrait of love across all genders, sexualities, races, and religions.

Yinka – “Let’s Get Romantic” music video

“Let’s get romantic, let me love you like Bonnie and Clyde, but only if you want it. Goosebumps when we’re touching, let’s not say we’re f****** but we’re making love, baby. Oh, baby, can you see it, do you feel it? You’re falling, falling in love, baby.” – lyrics

‘Let’s Get Romantic’ tells a sensual tale about a young woman who desires to have her partner all to herself. Apparently, she’s in the mood for love and wants to experience a romantic adventure with her companion. Later, she tells her partner what she envisions happening, “You unzip my dress, and I say I’m a mess. Call me crazy and fine, then we end up in bed.”

‘Let’s Get Romantic’ is for the self-identified hopeless romantics. Cloaked in seductive notes of empowerment, the song proves Yinka is a major player in the contemporary R&B realm.

Yinka – “Let’s Get Romantic” EP

Yinka - Let's Get Romantic cover

“‘Let’s Get Romantic’ is this generation’s reminder to give a f*** about love again. To be intentional about how we love. A reminder that love is as fragile as it is scarce.” – Yinka explained

‘Let’s Get Romantic’ EP serves as an introductory body of work about romance, inspiring a notably guarded post-pandemic generation to embrace love — love between a partner, friend, and oneself. Deeply inspired by her kaleidoscope of experiences, Yinka uses her music as a vessel to tell her story. As a proud woman of color and immigrant, she creates anthems for those who don’t conform to the status quo, lined with female empowerment at the core.

Download Yinka’s “Let’s Get Romantic” EP

Outside of her music career, Yinka is devoted to gender equity and has helped raise funds to assist in building an all-girls school in Tanzania. With just one single under her belt, “Two Weeks,” Yinka has received critical acclaim from tastemakers and notable media outlets.

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