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Explore the Magic of Topic & A7S’ New Dance Single, “Out My Head”

Topic (Bebe Rexha, Clean Bandit, Becky Hill) is an award-winning artist, multi-platinum DJ superstar, songwriter, and producer from Germany. A7S (Alexander Tidebrink) is a renowned Swedish hitmaker and a Brit-nominated DJ, producer, and singer-songwriter. Not too long ago, they joined forces once again to produce what is sure to be yet another global banger, “Out My Head,” via Virgin Records.

Topic & A7S – “Out My Head” music video

Driven by an explicit wish to capture the authentic African spirit, Topic chose South Africa as the backdrop for this compelling visual narrative. The video features a diverse cast, embodying the rich cultural tapestry and dynamic energy.

“Out My Head” is another collaboration that seems destined for chart-topping greatness. The song pulsates with an immersive blend of electrifying beats and an irresistible rhythm. From the very first note, listeners are propelled into a whirlwind, as Topic and A7S expertly craft a symphony that seamlessly marries the nostalgia of the past with a modern twist.

The Afro-house sample from Malian singer-songwriter Salif Keita’s seminal release ‘Madan’ gives things a dynamic energy before being slowly overtaken by A7S’s emotional vocals that ring out throughout the track. With an infectious hook and soaring synths, “Out My Head” transports listeners to another realm, showcasing the remarkable talent and creativity of these two artists.

Topic & A7S – “Breaking Me” featuring A7S

Topic and A7S have previously worked together on numerous hits, including “Breaking Me” which has garnered 5 billion streams worldwide since its release, “Your Love (9 PM),” and “Kernkraft 400 (A Better Day).”


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“Working with A7S is always amazing, honestly. We’ve been doing it for so long now that we know what the other one needs when we’re in the studio, it’s so harmonious. I think our styles complement each other well and his vocals just set the entire thing off.” – Topic stated

Topic is no stranger to producing international smash hits with a back catalog of singles amassing billions of streams internationally. He has shown time and again why he has played everywhere from Tomorrowland’s Mainstage to the corners of almost every continent. Topic has collaborated with international artists such as Bebe Rexha, Becky Hill, Ally Brooke, and Lil Baby, as well as German pop stars Nico Santos, Alvaro Soler, and FAST BOY.

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Topic achieved international success in 2016 with the track “Home.” In 2020, he released one of the most successful singles of the year, “Breaking Me,” which has garnered 5 billion streams worldwide. In 2022, he was ranked as the third most streamed German artist abroad on Spotify, and in 2023, he was voted the 57th best DJ worldwide in the DJ Mag Top 100.

Get to Know A7S

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“It’s been two years since our collab on ‘Kernkraft 400 (A Better Day)’ and we wanted to come back and create something together that felt fresh. We wanted this track to be a perfect bridge from our previous work – but that feels new and exciting at the same time which is how the African sample of ‘Madan’ (Salif Keita) came into play. I’m excited to play this one out at the summer parties!” – A7S explained

A7S strikes a balance between light and dark in his music. His hits like “Nirvana” and “Jumpstart” blend anthemic hooks with pensive themes, while tracks like “Breaking Me” and “Why Do You Lie To Me” showcase his knack for catchy melodies and collaborations. With over 8 billion streams, including hits like “Your Love (9 pm),” A7S’s solo journey reflects his roots in classic songwriting, which are enhanced with electronic elements. His live performances, influenced by acts like Avicii and Swedish House Mafia, promise a fusion of EDM energy and soulful instrumentation.

Topic & A7S – “Out My Head” single

Topic & A7S – “Out My Head” cover art

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