Tilsen - “From A Distance” press photo
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Tilsen releases a genuine electro-pop single, entitled, “From A Distance”

Tilsen is a rising singer-songwriter from Toronto, Canada. Not too long ago, she released a genuine electro-pop single, titled, “From A Distance,” written for all those who have fallen in love with someone’s potential.

Tilsen – “From A Distance” single

“I know it’s not your fault, but everything is wrong if I’m honest. I tried to sacrifice my way to paradise ‘cause I want it. But You don’t see the rainbow for the rain, the pleasure for the pain, and you know it. Gave you all the stars up in the sky, but you still feel starved of light. Take a moment, it’s not over. Tell me when you’re ready, darling, I’ll be waiting.” – lyrics

‘From A Distance’ tells a heartfelt tale about a young woman who wants her significant other to love her back. Apparently, she’s been a mess since her baby left her to think things through. With a heavy heart, she tells her companion, “Baby, I’m tryin’ to be patient, but all this time apart is being wasted. I did my part, showed my cards, and now you must choose a direction. You can’t stay where you are.”

‘From A Distance’ contains a bittersweet narrative and ear-welcoming vocals that will resonate well with fans of SHY Martin and Hunter Moreau. The heartfelt tune possesses groovy bass-laden instrumentation flavored with a warm electro-pop vibration. Furthermore, “From A Distance” follows softly on the heels of Tilsen’s previously released singles, “Like I Do” and “Once You Love Someone” with Tep No.

“I think it’s worth the wait, so I won’t let you go.”

Tilsen - “From A Distance” press photo
Photo by @literally.stunning

“‘From A Distance’ came from the heartbreaking realization that the person I loved wasn’t ready for me. One of those ‘right person, wrong timings,’ but I was willing to wait. I want listeners to feel uplifted by the optimism and sweetness in the hope I held within the song. The sparking alt-pop production gives a driving with the windows down in the summer vibe, that leaves you feeling good.” – Tilsen explained 

As the daughter of an opera singer, Tilsen formed a deep affinity with the human voice. Her songs explore real love, the highs and lows, the ecstasy, and the pain. Her vocals are intimate as if she is singing her lyrics from between the sheets, and into her lover’s ear.

Tilsen tells a love story that is relatable to anyone who has been in love and those who want to love better. Her music is powerful, optimistic, and strikingly honest. Her imagery is grand; from ballrooms to vast landscapes, there is a regal, vintage aesthetic. And Tilsen is a dignified kind of sexy, whether wearing a classy Victorian gown or delicate lace lingerie.

“From A Distance” single

Tilsen - “From A Distance” cover art
Photo by @literally.stunning

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