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Tilsen releases a sentimental pop tune, entitled, “Like I Do”

Tilsen is a talented singer-songwriter from Toronto, Canada. Not too long ago, she released a sentimental pop tune, entitled, “Like I Do.”

Tilsen – “Like I Do” single

“‘Like I Do’ is the latest song I’d love for you to hear from my sophomore EP, Little Worse, in which I reveal the ugly side of my partner, a side he hid from the world. I think it’s a very specific experience that many can relate to. Being in a relationship with someone who seems amazing until really getting to know them. Everyone on the outside believes their fake persona, but you are the lucky one who gets to see the real person behind the mask. It’s a huge letdown because once you’re in love with someone, it’s so hard to leave them, or let go of the image that you once believed.” – Tilsen explained

‘Like I Do’ reveals the ugly side of Tilsen’s ex-partner that only she was privy to. Apparently, her ex used to pick her up from work, showered her with colorful flowers, and was always there by her side. From a distance, he looked like a knight in shining armor. But behind closed doors, he was a completely different person. With a heavy heart, Tilsen addresses the man behind the curtain, “Everybody knows you but they don’t know you, not like I do.”

‘Like I Do’ contains a relatable narrative, ear-pleasing vocals, and soothing melodies that will resonate well with music lovers. The emotional tune blends a tropical feel with a dark pop production to create a sparkling earworm to dance to. Furthermore, “Like I Do” is featured on Tilsen’s sophomore EP, entitled, “Little Worse.” The six-track project, predominantly written about one particular ex, finds Tilsen sharing details about the breakup without holding anything back.

“You hide all the things that you do in the dark like you won’t see the light someday.”

Tilsen press photo
Photo by @literally.stunning

“Most of the album is about one particular ex, with the exception of “Forever, For Now,” which was about a new relationship when it was written. This album represents a big shift for me as I’m getting more vulnerable, opening up about the past, and sharing even the not-so-pretty emotions. I’m proud of my songwriting and I hope these songs allow you to feel whatever you’re going through without judging yourself. You’re not alone.” – Tilsen explained

With over four million streams on Spotify, Tilsen has earned a coveted spot on multiple editorial playlists across Spotify, Apple Music, and Amazon Music. Her songs are about true love: its peaks and valleys, joy, and anguish. Strong, upbeat, and brutally honest, Tilsen doesn’t shy away from vulnerability. Her “Little Worse” EP was produced by Michael Goldchain, as well as AJ Healey, Jonathan Pike, and Emery Taylor.

“Little Worse” EP

Tilsen - “Like I Do” song cover

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