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KISSTORY presents The Blast Off! Tour featuring performances from Nelly, Salt N Pepa, Shaggy, Mýa, & Blu Cantrell

Next year a very special, one-of-a-kind tour is coming to arenas across Ireland and the U.K. in February and March. With a huge all-star line-up, KISSTORY presents The Blast Off! Tour featuring live performances from top U.S. artists including Nelly, Salt N Pepa, Shaggy, Mýa, and Blu Cantrell.

KISSTORY presents The Blast Off! Tour

“It’s been over 30 years since we first got together, and we’re still out here. We can’t put into words how much we’re looking forward to coming over to the U.K. to perform on this tour. Also, the bill is incredible, and we’re so excited to get up on stage and play some songs for y’all.” – Salt N Pepa

This is the first time a tour of this format has been done in the U.K. It will be coming to Cardiff, Nottingham, Leeds, Manchester, and Newcastle. Also, Glasgow, Liverpool, London, and Birmingham throughout March while kicking off in Dublin on February 28, 2020.

The Blast Off! Tour

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“This tour is gonna be dope. I’ve always felt welcome in the U.K., and I’m honored to be hosting such a huge bill. This is gonna be legendary, everyone involved with this tour is gonna kill it every single night.” – Fatman Scoop

The show will be hosted by American hype man and hip-hop personality Fatman Scoop.

Also, it will include exclusive appearances from U.K. garage stars So Solid members Lisa Maffia and MC Romeo, scene pioneer MC DT, and the British duos Oxide & Neutrino, DJ Luck & MC Neat, and Sweet Female Attitude.

“I’m really looking forward to this tour and performing again in the U.K. It’s a fun bill and I’m excited to share the stage with these great artists.” – Shaggy

KISSTORY- The Blast Off! Tour

“When I was asked about this tour, saying no just wasn’t an option. Performing alongside some of my oldest friends and singing some of my favorite songs is going to be so much fun! Also, I have so much love for the U.K. and I can’t wait to come back and perform for you all.” – Blu Cantrell


The Blast Off! tour features performances from Nelly, Salt N Pepa, Shaggy, Mýa, & Blu Cantrell banner small

“There’s nowhere I love playing more than my U.K. home. Also, what better way to play it than with a ton of the biggest and best in Garage? We all can’t wait for this thing to get started. It’s gonna be insane. You don’t want to miss this!” – Lisa Maffia

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