Taylor Tote - “Quarter-Life Crisis” press photo by Justin Lubee
Photo by Justin Lubee

Taylor Tote releases a soulful indie-pop tune, entitled, “Quarter-Life Crisis”

Taylor Tote is a 25-year-old NYC-based singer-songwriter from Monmouth County, New Jersey. Not too long ago, she released a soulful indie-pop tune, entitled, “Quarter-Life Crisis.”

Taylor Tote – “Quarter-Life Crisis” single

“Wish I could rewind and fast forward at the same time. Move as fast as I can, but don’t want to rush it to the end. I’m jumping out of planes just to feel something. Yet I’m scared of the dark when no one’s there to keep me safe. The monsters in my head are also under my bed. And when you’re in between no one takes you seriously. When you’re too young and too old, you’ve gotta tug of war where your heart goes. But let go of the rope, get excited, you’re thriving through your quarter-life crisis.” – lyrics

‘Quarter-Life Crisis’ tells an intriguing tale about a woman who is trying her best to get on with her life. Apparently, she worries a lot and needs to put her priorities in order. While her bills are piling up, she’s spending her money buying drinks with her friends. Later, she admits that she wishes she was five-years-old, and in the same breath, wishes she had a five-year-old that she can call her own.

‘Quarter-Life Crisis’ contains a relatable narrative, pleasing vocals, and tuneful melodies. Also, the likable tune possesses vibrant instrumentation flavored with a soulful indie-pop aroma. Furthermore, “Quarter-Life Crisis” serves as a wonderful presentation of what listeners can expect to hear from Taylor Tote in the near future.

“Trying on everyone’s last name just to see if it’s gotta ring. But if it fits today I’m not changing mine anyway.”

Taylor Tote - “Quarter-Life Crisis” press photo

“‘Quarter-Life Crisis’ was inspired after being told I wasn’t an adult because I don’t ‘struggle enough,’ which is silly considering the year we’ve been through. I was actually really offended! I felt like my whole life I wasn’t taken seriously because of my age and now I’m at a point of being spilt. I’m either too young for something or too old and there seems to be no in between. I think ‘Quarter-Life Crisis’ can relate to anyone regardless of age. But I have a feeling those in their 20s and 30s will feel this a little bit harder. I hope this song can serve as an anthem for getting through these tough times while thriving through it!” – Taylor Tote explained

Taylor Tote has made quite a splash in the NJ music scene in a few short years. She currently studies Media and Arts Management, Social Entrepreneurship, and Music Industry at Marymount Manhattan College. Her musical influences include Amy Winehouse and Stevie Nicks.

“Quarter-Life Crisis” single

Taylor Tote - “Quarter-Life Crisis” cover

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