Taylor Tote - “I Left My Heart In NYC” press photo in the subway station
Photo by Jonny Servais

Taylor Tote releases a heartfelt indie-pop tune, entitled, “I Left My Heart In NYC”

Taylor Tote is an award-winning singer-songwriter from Tinton Falls, New Jersey. Not too long ago, she released a heartfelt indie-pop tune, entitled, “I Left My Heart In NYC,” produced and co-written by Russell Hayden.

Taylor Tote – “I Left My Heart In NYC” single

“I tried so hard for so long to start and create a life in NYC. And when I finally got it, a pandemic took that away. I did everything in my power to get back because every time I’ve been away all I could do was think about how much I absolutely loved it. People called me crazy. How could I love such a place? It stressed them out. It’s dirty, yadda-yadda-yadda. Those people have never seen the city at 5 am when the sun rises and it’s still. Never walked into the local cafe uptown and talked to the owners who immigrated from other countries. Never experienced the hustle, the art, the creativity, the community built in the streets every single day.” – Taylor Tote explained

‘I Left My Heart In NYC’ is about Manhattan feeling like home, without the need to associate it with any relationship or experience. Also, the song is sonically powerful, emotional, and expressive of Taylor Tote’s passion for the Big Apple. Furthermore, “I Left My Heart In NYC” follows hot on the heels of Tote’s previously released “Multivitamin” single and “21 Min Drive” EP.

Taylor Tote

Taylor Tote - “I Left My Heart In NYC” press photo in the subway station
Photo by Jonny Servais

“The worst part, though, was letting stupid guys who have broken my heart – start to fog up a place I have grown to appreciate so much and let myself start to feel negative about a place I love. That’s not allowed to happen again ok!!! That’s what this song is about for me. And maybe, I made a little bit too much about those who’ve mishandled my heart but that’s how I was feeling when I wrote this song.”Taylor Tote explained

Taylor Tote has worked extremely hard to get where she is, balancing college with studio time and live touring. The 26-year-old Jersey Shore native is not afraid of change and is on a constant journey to bettering herself as a musician. Her stage presence and live performances built her reputation and garnered her multiple accolades as a must-see act.

“I Left My Heart In NYC” single

Taylor Tote - I Left My Heart In NYC - Cover

“‘I Left My Heart In NYC’ is one of my favorite songs Taylor and I have worked on. I love the power of it, the production, the way Taylor sings after the bridge where we did this quiet almost whisper-like take. It’s great! The idea came from Taylor and I talking about her love for Manhattan and wanting to express that it’s a place that feels like a second home to her.” – Russell Hayden expressed

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