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tana releases a music video for his “hell yeah” single

tana (f/k/a BabySantana) is a 15-year-old rapper from Columbus, Georgia. Not too long ago, he released a music video for his “hell yeah” single via Galactic Records/Republic Records. The video seamlessly captures the song’s sonic ebb and flow.

tana – “hell yeah” music video

“I’m 5’ 7”, I stand on my money, I’m tall. And no, I don’t hoop, but I swear I could ball. And no, I don’t love you, girl, I ain’t fall. She do her lil’ shuffle, she do the Futsal. I ain’t leavin’ no witness, don’t care what you saw. Promise I used to be broke, but now that I’m up, I’ma Balenciaga, it all. I could take you to Pluto, promise you gon’ keep it true, though. When I’m older, buy a two-door, or a four. I got some money, but I want some more. We up, tell ’em check the score. Hit my phone, you gon’ get ignored. Scored on a pint, pharmacy galore.” – lyrics

‘hell yeah’ finds tana expressing how he feels at the present moment. Apparently, he’s spending money and doesn’t care about all of the unwarranted words being hurled his way. Because he’s too busy breaking girls’ hearts and fixing the same broken hearts during his spare time. Life is good, and later he admits, “I move the pack through the mail, and this gas good enough to sell, yeah. He tryna be like us and I can tell, yeah, he tryna be like us.”

‘hell yeah’ contains booming bass and thudding drum-laden production that offsets tana’s harmonious rap vocals. The young rapper cuts through the beat with harmonic melodies and an engaging and entrancing chorus. Furthermore, “hell yeah” arrives in the wake of “swagging like this” with Lancey Foux and “nyc,” which accumulated over one million Spotify streams.

tana – “prada (remix)” video featuring lil tecca

tana recently concluded a full-scale North American tour with Lil Tecca, a multiplatinum, chart-topping rapper. Later, tana will appear at Rolling Loud Toronto (September 9-11) and Rolling Loud New York (September 23-25) before supporting Tecca on tour across Europe.

Earlier this year, tana’s “off the leash!” single featuring yvngxchris & Luisss racked up over 26 million Spotify streams.

tana – “off the leash!” featuring yvngxchris & luisss

tana grew up listening to everyone from Lil Wayne and 2 Chainz to Soulja Boy and Pitbull. By 12 years old, he taught himself how to record, working out of a tiny bedroom closet in complete D.I.Y. fashion. During this time, he was known as BabySantana, and slowly gained traction via Soundcloud with a series of uploads. Later, Lil Tecca jumped on his “Prada (Remix)” single. tana parlayed this momentum into an explosion with “Antisocial” featuring Slump6s.

tana – “Antisocial” music video featuring Slump6s

‘Antisocial’ has accumulated over 76 million Spotify streams and nearly six million YouTube views. Its sequel, “Antisocial 2” featuring Slump6s, Yung Fazo, Xhulooo, and SSGKOBE – amassed over 23 million Spotify streams. Later, “14” with KA$HDAMI, reeled in another 24 million Spotify streams.

“hell yeah” single

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