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Lil Wayne releases a music video for his “Don’t  Cry” single featuring XXXTENTACION

Lil Wayne is an iconic rapper from New Orleans, Louisiana. Not too long ago, he released a music video for “Don’t Cry”, an insightful rap tune from his “Tha Carter V” album featuring late rapper XXXTENTACION.

Lil Wayne – “Don’t Cry”

“Need my family tree next to a money tree. With a bunch of leaves in the Garden of Eden with a bunch of Eves. No fruit punch for me, I sip from the Fountain of Youth. So if I die young, blame the juice. Bury me in New Orleans. Tombstone reads: ‘Don’t cry, stay tuned.’ Bring me back to life. Got to lose a life just to have a life. But if heaven’s as good as advertised, I want a triple extension on my motherf**kin’ afterlife. Rest in paradise.” – lyrics

The Jay & Georgio Rodriguez-directed video finds Lil Wayne outside, seated on a custom cushion while decorated in fashionable garb. Apparently, he and two females are traveling inside a desert realm on camelback, en route to a rest-in-peace ceremony for XXXTENTACION.

‘Don’t Cry’ contains a dreamy storyline, sentimental raps, and slow-burning instrumentation produced by Z3N & Ben Billions.

“Long live XXX”

Lil Wayne – “Don’t Cry” artwork

“Mama tell me to be careful. Voice in my head give me an earful. But I got mind control over my control. I lost control but knew I’d find control. I let God control what I cannot control. Can’t control the tears, let ’em drop and roll.” – lyrics

Get acquainted with Lil Wayne’s music by streaming his “Tha Carter V” album via Spotify.

Lil Wayne – “Tha Carter V” album

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