Kevin Rudolf - “I Will Not Break press photo

Kevin Rudolf releases a music video for his “I Will Not Break” single featuring Lil Wayne

Kevin Rudolf is a Miami-based singer-songwriter and producer from New York City. Not too long ago, he released a music video for his inspiring pop tune, entitled, “I Will Not Break”, featuring Lil Wayne.

Kevin Rudolf – “I Will Not Break” featuring Lil Wayne

“I do what I want, I sing what I want, I never give in. I never give up, I walk through fire, feelin’ no pain. Just let it all burn now, let it all break. I’m a survivor, that’s what I’ve done. I’ll never go back to where I came from, I will not stop, I will not break.” – lyrics

‘I Will Not Break’ tells an encouraging tale of a determined young guy who decides to keep on keeping on and refuses to breakdown under pressure.

No matter what obstacles are thrown his way, he believes he will persevere because his past experiences have molded him into an unbreakable individual.

‘I Will Not Break’ contains an inspiring storyline, introspective lyrics, and vibey instrumentation flavored with hip-hop, alternative rock, and contemporary worship elements.

Kevin Rudolf – “I Will Not Break” featuring Lil Wayne

Kevin Rudolf - I Will Not Break artwork

‘I Will Not Break’ finds Kevin Rudolf returning to his musical roots with an image-rich, animated audiovisual.

Also, the release coincides with the ten-year anniversary of Rudolf’s smash hit, entitled, “Let It Rock”, featuring Lil Wayne.

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