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Talii releases a lovely tropical R&B single, entitled, “More Than Friends”

Talii is a rising singer-songwriter based in Orlando, Florida. Not too long ago, she released a lovely tropical R&B single, entitled, “More Than Friends.”

Talii – “More Than Friends” single


“‘More Than Friends’ actually started as a vocal sample that, my boyfriend/producer, Gbliz, and I created. Phil Mango (of Luxury Lane) took the sample and added this amazing afrobeats bounce to it. ‘More Than Friends’ is bringing the listener in on a conversation going on with a friend and I. She’s been venting about her toxic boyfriend, meanwhile, I’m insinuating that I can treat her better (we could be more than friends). It’s the first time I’ve ever shared my queer side in a song before so it is nerve-wracking yet freeing. I feel like the persona I take on in the song is a little more confident than I am when it comes to flirting with women. LOL. But it was fun to embody that for this song.” – Talii explained

‘More Than Friends’ confronts vulnerability in ways Talii hasn’t explored before in her lyricism. The intimately personal tune possesses rhythmic drum-laden instrumentation flavored with afrobeats and tropical R&B elements. Furthermore, “More Than Friends” is the follow-up to Talii’s early 2022 release, “Scars In the Dark,” which led to a collection of tracks, entitled,  “…Songs To Feel To.”

Talii – “Good to Be Bad” music video

“This video really brings the song to life! We wanted to incorporate all aspects of what ‘Good To Be Bad’ means to me. To embrace all the ‘taboo’ aspects of a woman that society has conditioned us to believe to be bad or to be ashamed of. The magical, sexual, and powerful aspects of feminine energy were all portrayed and celebrated so beautifully in this video. Not to mention, it was so much fun to create! I’ve truly never felt so alive and, in my element, as I was when this video was being filmed. I’m so happy this is what I get to do for a living.” – Talii stated

2020 saw Talii release arresting new single, “Good To Be Bad.” The song’s mesmerizing video featured seductive choreography and electric female energy cloaked in a veil of spirituality, bringing the song to towering new heights. “Good To Be Bad” was the follow-up to Talii’s body-positive single, “Thickness,” which landed a spot on Spotify’s Fresh Finds: The Wave playlist. Another previous single, “Front Seat,” pulled influence from Talii’s Trinidadian heritage with a meticulous blend of pop/R&B set against a rhythmic dancehall infusion.

Talii – “Front Seat” lyric video

“I don’t think we ever met in this lifetime but my soul knows you. I don’t recognize you with my eyes but I think I’m starting to. You reflect the best of me, make me wanna give my all to you. I’m tryna get to know you better.” – lyrics

‘Front Seat’ tells an interesting tale of a young woman who courageously decides to take the lead in her life. Apparently, she looks within herself for guidance and gets in tune with her soul. Later, she admits, she’s becoming somebody and starting to remember who she truly is.


Talii - Artist to Watch

Talii was born into a family of diversely talented musicians and performers. Therefore, she wasted no time exploring her musical path. She made her artist debut in July 2018 with the track “Lost,” and later followed with “Mouth,” an addictive track that puts a playful twist on Talii’s signature smooth R&B-meets-soul style. Her multicultural background has given her the platform to write songs surrounded by self-love and preservation, and inspired by the spiritual nature that embodies her as a person.

With support growing on all fronts, including love from the artist community with Pink Sweat$ and John K both showing support, Talii is not slowing down. Not too long ago, she was named one of SoundCloud’s March 2020 Artists To Watch, a prestigious title showcasing her fast rise and growing momentum. Therefore, be on the lookout for more to come in 2022.

Talii – “More Than Friends” single

Talii - “More Than Friends” song cover art

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