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Stella Angelika releases a jazzy neo-soul single, entitled, “Loving That Girl I Hate”

Stella Angelika is a rising singer-songwriter based in London, England. Not too long ago, she released a jazzy neo-soul single, titled, “Loving That Girl I Hate.”

Stella Angelika – “Loving That Girl I Hate” single

“‘Loving That Girl I Hate’ is both an apology and thank you to the guy that loved me even when I was difficult to love.” – Stella Angelika explained

‘Loving That Girl I Hate’ finds a vulnerable Stella Angelika apologizing to her significant other for being a heavy load to bear. Apparently, she feels sorry for smiling when she didn’t mean to, for the lack of excitement on her part, and for not being always the truest version of herself. Therefore, she tells her partner, “I want to thank you for loving that girl I hate, I know it’s not easy. I want to thank you for loving me anyway.”

‘Loving That Girl I Hate’ contains a relatable, love-based narrative and ear-soothing vocals that will resonate well with fans of Olivia Dean, Pip Millet, Cleo Sol, and Jorja Smith. The feel-good tune possesses luxurious production flavored with an upbeat mix of indie R&B and neo-soul elements. Furthermore, “Loving That Girl I Hate” is featured on Stella Angelika’s brand-new four-track EP, entitled, “That Girl I Hate.”

Stella Angelika

Stella Angelika press photo

Stella Angelika’s music contains a cool blend of old-school soul, modern R&B, and classical influences. But most important is her lyrical content; rich with the social, political, and psychological ideas that have personally affected her. She sings with passion and means every single word she says.

Stella Angelika – “Loving That Girl I Hate” EP

Stella Angelika - “Loving That Girl I Hate” EP cover art

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