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SKiPPER! releases a lovely electro-pop tune, entitled, “Vintage”

SKiPPER! (Corinne and Mason) is a New York City-based duo from Virginia. Not too long ago, they released a lovely electro-pop tune, entitled, “Vintage.”

SKiPPER! – “Vintage” visualizer

When COVID-19 hit the world, everyone was forced to isolate themselves. With isolation came the exploration of nature. During Quarantine, SKiPPER! found themselves missing the fields of grass and the blue ridge mountains in their home state of Virginia.

They would imagine two lovers running through an open field with the sun beaming down on their faces. If you close your eyes long enough, you can set the scene too. The lovers hear birds chirping. They feel the crisp air and the grass between their toes. They are at peace and more importantly they are in love with a soul they’ve known before in another lifetime. That’s what “Vintage” is all about – the lucky ones who find their twin flame/ soulmate with that vintage kind of love.


SKiPPER! press photo

Corinne and Mason are sensitive water signs and feel called to add an element of “feeling” into their music. While the juxtaposition of delicate and zestful melodies comes from the mind of both members, Corinne packs in lyrics that don’t fail to acknowledge the beauty in being organically honest. Mason fuses electronic synth-pop with a warm acoustic twist into their new sound. As an audio engineer, Mason has worked closely with notable artists such as Alexander 23, Jeremy Zucker, Chelsea Cutler, and Lyn Lapid.

“I believe I could love you eternally.”

SKiPPER! - “Vintage” song cover

“Sounds like laughter and tastes like honey on your lips. Oo, I had myself convinced that it didn’t exist, but I’ve met you before I’m sure. And I’ve loved you before I know it, oo. With the sunshine in my veins, you ask me what I think and I said, ‘I am not thinking anything but I am feeling everything.’” – lyrics

‘Vintage’ contains a relatable narrative, ear-pleasing vocals, and tuneful melodies that will resonate well with fans of HAIM, Kacey Musgraves, and Troye Sivan. The likable tune possesses guitar-laden instrumentation flavored with alternative and electro-pop elements. Furthermore, “Vintage” serves as a tasty appetizer to what listeners can expect to hear from SKiPPER! in the near future as they continue to release new music.

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