sid tipton press photo by Caleb Herring
Photo by Caleb Herring

sid tipton unveils an appealing audiovisual for her “Trying” single

sid tipton is a talented singer-songwriter from Nashville, Tennessee. Not too long ago, she released an appealing audiovisual for her self-produced single, entitled, “Trying”.

sid tipton – “Trying” music video

“Serious, wow, guess this that feeling they talk about, damn. I guess it’s really over now. I always thought that it was you. I’m feeling sad, I’m smoking blue. Know that you’ll miss me when I’m gone. But that don’t mean that we belong.” – lyrics

‘Trying’ tells an honest tale about a young woman who shares a fading relationship with her significant other. Apparently, they are on the verge of breaking up, even though she has tried her best to make things work. Later, she admits to having a bad b*tch mentality, and because of that, she can’t be perfect, even though she sometimes pretends to be.

‘Trying’ contains a heartbreaking narrative, alluring vocals, and tuneful melodies that are sure to pull on your heartstring. Also, the gloomy tune possesses moody instrumentation flavored with a chill indie-R&B vibration. Furthermore, “Trying” follows hot on the heels of sid tipton’s 2020 releases including “Look Both Ways,” “Bad Advice,” and “OMG U ain’t sh*t.”

“We gonna be lonely, we gonna be blue.”

sid tipton press photo by Caleb Herring
Photo by Caleb Herring

“I treated it as a vulnerable freestyle. I think partially I was visiting a past relationship and how it ended, and kind of confessing my imperfections. I’m definitely somebody who feels the need to be perfect. But I’m also someone who is trying to figure myself out.” – sid tipton revealed

sid tipton began writing and singing before the age of three. She would sing and rhyme to anything she would hear, from words on a cereal box to passages in the Bible. Determined to succeed, she taught herself acoustic guitar and piano, and at the age of 17 (with over 100 original songs), she began her claim to modern-day fame. Since then, she has collaborated with JoJo, Hailey Reinhart, Tinashe, and Justin Timberlake. Furthermore, she was a writer and featured artist on Maluma’s Grammy-winning album, “FAME”, which features the song “Mi Declaracion” featuring her and Timbaland.

“Trying” single

sid tipton – “Trying” cover
Photo by Caleb Herring

We recommend adding sid tipton’s “Trying” single to your favorite playlist. Also, let us know how you feel in the comment section below. Peace.

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