Shane Garcia - “Bestest Friend” press photo
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Shane Garcia releases an appealing neo-soul tune, entitled, “Bestest Friend”

Shane Garcia is a 25-year-old American singer-songwriter from New York City and Westchester County. Not too long ago, she released an appealing neo-soul tune, entitled, “Bestest Friend.”

Shane Garcia – “Bestest Friend” lyric video

“Give it a chance, did you ever get to freely dance on your lonesome? Kiss your knees, talk to some trees, no shame in asking for some help. Please ask it if you need, I love for free. And it’s bittersweet, a tune you hum when the freedom’s gone. Hold your hand, it’s the only one that won’t let you down. Only thing I promise, the hurt will come and I’ll be my own bestest friend.” – lyrics

‘Bestest Friend’ is a song dedicated to Shane Garcia’s younger self. The tune is about the love and care that someone can give to themselves. After coming out at the age of 14, it was a difficult period for Shane to find self-love and confidence.

‘Bestest Friend’ contains a relatable narrative, ear-pleasing vocals, and tuneful melodies that will resonate well with fans of Gracie Ella, Avery Raquel, and Class Vee. The likable tune possesses melodic instrumentation flavored with neo-soul and indie-R&B elements. Furthermore, “Bestest Friend” serves as a tasty appetizer to what listeners can expect to hear from Shane Garcia in the near future.

“There’s no need for you ‘cause in my head, yeah, there’s two.”

Shane Garcia - “Bestest Friend” press photo

“‘Bestest Friend’ was written at a time in my life when I was letting go of co-dependent relationships that no longer served me. And I had to evaluate why my relationships and friendships were consistently unstable. I realized I had to look within and create a solid foundation with myself and be my own best friend. A big part of that realization was that I had a wounded inner child who I neglected to listen to.

The song is grown me singing to my younger self about the love and care they can give themselves without external validation from others. Also, it’s about integrating the two parts of me and being my own ‘bestest friend,’ as I would have said as a kid. I’m telling myself the advice I wish I had gotten, to be kind and gentle with the process of learning to love yourself as is. And that ‘being alone’ isn’t such a bad thing when you learn to honor your own company.” – Shane Garcia explained

“I’ll never be alone again, I’ll be my own friend.”

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Shane Garcia’s music brings a breath of honesty and tackles issues of gender, sexuality, mental health, and deep self-discovery. Shane’s cultural background comes from Ecuador and the Dominican Republic. The queer, indie-soul artist emerged on the scene in 2018 with “Strange,” an emotionally charged breakup track that premiered on Soundcloud. “Strange” garnered attention, putting Shane on the map within the New York music scene.

“Bestest Friend” single

Shane Garcia - “Bestest Friend” song cover art

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