Sarah Isabella - “Higher Than Home” press photo

Experience the Magic of Sarah Isabella’s “Higher Than Home” Single

Sarah Isabella (@sarahisabella.r) is a singer-songwriter from Newham, East London, England. Having demonstrated her soulful prowess with the meditative track “Intuition,” Sarah continues her rising star status with “Higher Than Home.”

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“Higher Than Home” contains a luscious arrangement with subtle jazz leanings. The song offers listeners a moment of escapism as Sarah Isabella’s soothing vocals envelop her songwriting in a rich sense of atmosphere. The release comes with a beautiful DIY video of B-roll travel footage that embodies Higher Than Home’s message of exploration and organic joy, serving as a perfect representation of Sarah’s authentic musical identity.

Speaking on the inspiration behind “Higher Than Home,” Sarah explained: “The song embodies the joy of self-discovery and the odyssey of personal elevation and adventure. It’s an anthem that inspires embracing change, discovering joy, and savoring the transformative journey toward a brighter perspective on life and a higher self. Written during a time where I truly felt creative freedom and had rediscovered play, it champions rebellion, self-empowerment, and above all living without limitations. For me, ‘Higher Than Home’ embodies the essence of dancing as if no one is watching.”

Sarah Isabella

Sarah Isabella - “Higher Than Home” press photo

Leaning into the complexities of the human experience and taking cues from her interests across spirituality and the arts, Sarah Isabella is part of a new wave of socially conscious young talents making alternative R&B and soul music in the U.K.

Sarah finds inspiration in the raw and honest lyricism from the area’s homegrown talents (Kano, Ghetts, and rising star Lizzie Berchie are from the London Borough), and it’s here that she connected with her tight-knit network of collaborators.

Growing up, the sounds of Sade, Nina Simone, and Tracy Chapman would become huge sources of musical inspiration for Sarah, while some of her favorite artists of recent years include Solange and James Blake. This melting pot of influences combined with Isabella’s background in theatre and literature has continued to shape her approach to creativity, storytelling, and audience connection, all of which are underpinned by her strong interest in spirituality and exploring psychedelic practices.

Sarah Isabella – “Higher Than Home” single

Sarah Isabella - “Higher Than Home” cover art

“Higher Than Home” will be featured on Sarah Isabella’s forthcoming debut EP, “The Keeper,” available on Thursday, July 4th, 2024.

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