Sam Tompkins press photo
Photo by Annie Reid

Sam Tompkins performs an acoustic version of his “Die For Someone” single

Sam Tompkins is a fast-rising, Brighton-based singer-songwriter from London, England. Not too long ago, he performed an acoustic version of his “Die For Someone” single. The accompanying performance video finds the charismatic singer in a spacious area singing alongside a piano player.

Sam Tompkins – “Die For Someone” (live session)

“Wiser, I should be wiser. Instead, I’m too frightened to love again, oh. Trying, I should be trying to figure out why I am the way that I am. I make memories, got no one to share ’em with lately. ‘Cause nobody cares when you’re lazy, lazy with love. I gotta find somebody to lose already. No, I can’t sit still because I’ll get buried. Got my hopes up now but I ain’t got many, no. I wanna die for someone and find somebody to lose my head in.” – lyrics

‘Die For Someone’ reveals an evolution in Sam Tompkins’ sound, with an upbeat anthemic pop-edged chorus accompanied by the stunning vocals, passion, and vulnerability Sam has become increasingly known for. Energetic and emotionally raw, the delivery of “Die For Someone” is atmospheric yet resonant, proving Sam can thrive in whatever genre he turns his hand to. Furthermore, “Die For Someone” is the second installment from Sam’s highly anticipated debut album, and comes after a stellar 2022 for Sam, who enjoyed a wave of success and rising popularity around the world.

“Wanna fall in deep with a person I barely know.”

Sam Tompkins press photo
Photo by Annie Reid

“You know that feeling where you’re just like: I kinda wanna fall in love but I’m also scared to do it because of what happened last time? ‘Die For Someone’ is the soundtrack to that feeling.” – Sam Tompkins explained

Sam Tompkins has delivered on the excitement surrounding him and is cementing his reputation as one of the fastest-rising male British artists globally. With over 130 million global streams, three million monthly Spotify listeners, and a literal army of followers moving alongside him, he crashed into the Top 10 of the UK album charts with the EP, “who do you pray to,” in 2022. Selling out every venue he puts his name against, his live prowess stretches across Europe.

With a rise that is a testament to Sam’s likable perseverance and ever-evolving sound, his lyrics are as relatable as his success story is inspirational. Quickly becoming the Brit of choice for US stars to collaborate with: Nicki Minaj sampled his song, “Whole,” on her single, “Love In The Way,” and JNR Choi’s “To The Moon” featured Sam’s vocals and made incredible waves across the music industry, boasting 215 million global streams and peaking at #1 on Spotify’s Viral Hits chart.

Sam Tompkins – “Die For Someone (Acoustic)” single

Sam Tompkins - “Die For Someone (Acoustic)” cover

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