Sadye - “Pretty Traumatized” press photo

Everything You Need to Know About Sadye’s “Pretty Traumatized” Single

Sadye (@sadyexx) is a rising singer-songwriter based in Los Angeles, California. Not too long ago, she released a lyric video for her “Pretty Traumatized” single.

Sadye – “Pretty Traumatized” lyric video

“‘Pretty Traumatized’ is my origin story. This song is at the root of my escapism approach to music. It’s the first record I’ve written about everything I’ve been through medically and it helped me establish my superpower of creating these fantasies to save myself. It’s horror masked with humor. It’s the essence of me.” – Sadye explained

“Pretty Traumatized” is inspired by Sadye’s real-life recovery story of battling cancer, discovering self-worth, and dealing with toxic relationships. Her lyrics are steeped in a sarcastic form of catharsis as she learns to love her literal, and figurative, scars, a theme beautifully juxtaposed by catchy, modern melodies and edgy pop production.

“Pretty Traumatized” is produced by regular collaborators Mike Green (Paramore, Sueco, Gwen Stefani, 5SOS, Paris Hilton) and Nico Stadi (Justin Bieber, Jason Derulo). The track is a bouncy, nostalgic, dark-pop anthem. Featuring airy keys punctuated by ‘80s synth stabs and driving 808s, Sadye delivers her signature tongue-in-cheek lyrics inspired by her real-life story of recovery, reminding us that we can embrace our traumas and still look damn good doing it.

“At least I’m pretty, I’m pretty traumatized.”

Sadye - “Pretty Traumatized” press photo

Sadye’s music has received adds to coveted Spotify playlists including Obsessed, IT’S A BOP!, New Pop Picks, and Night Pop; as well as Apple’s New in Alternative, Amazon’s Breakthrough Pop and Girl Squad, and Tidal’s Future Sounds.

Sadye transcends the limits of mainstream pop, challenging listeners and breathing new life into the genre with otherworldly mystique and uncompromising vision. From humble beginnings as a small-town singer-songwriter, Sadye writes with depth and heart, often taking on unexpectedly dark and heavy themes that appeal to fans of Kim Petras and Charli XCX to Nine Inch Nails and The Weeknd.

“I feel the pain and I don’t even cry.”

Sadye - “Pretty Traumatized” press photo

Boasting hundreds of thousands of streams, TV placements, and playlist covers, Sadye leans into her inconceivable “industry plant” aesthetic, challenging conventional notions of stardom, and prompting listeners to question the essence of celebrity. Intrigued by emerging technology, she boldly ventures into the web3 space, seamlessly bringing her cult into the future with exclusive digital rewards, proof of her commitment to standing out in a rapidly evolving music landscape.

Sadye – “Pretty Traumatized” single

Sadye - “Pretty Traumatized” cover art

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