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Ryan Riback releases an animated 16-bit lyric video for his “(Just Can’t) Hate U” single featuring Dotter

Ryan Riback is a South African DJ, record producer, and remixer based in Melbourne, Australia. Not too long ago, he released an animated 16-bit lyric video for his “(Just Can’t) Hate U” single featuring Swedish singer-songwriter, Dotter, via New Tribe Music/Sony Music Entertainment Australia.

Ryan Riback – “(Just Can’t) Hate U” lyric video  featuring Dotter

“I miss having my pillow smelling like your cigarettes, makes no sense ‘cause they made me nauseous. I miss being embarrassed by you howling on the street like a freak ‘cause you’re blacked out drunk, yea. And I hate that I just can’t hate you ‘cause I’m trying, I’m trying hard to. I hate that I got nothing from you, but a smelly tee. Now I’m wearing it when I sleep, can’t hate you. I hate that when I get wasted you’re my number one, my favorite when the lights go off.” – lyrics

‘(Just Can’t) Hate U’ tells an honest tale about a young woman who hates the fact that she can’t hate her ex-significant other, even though she is trying extremely hard to do so. Apparently, every new guy she meets is the ideal person for her, the total opposite of her ex. However, late at night, she finds herself online, stalking her ex’s every move on her mobile device. Later, she tells her ex, “You’re the one I call when the party’s over and I don’t wanna go home yet.”

‘(Just Can’t) Hate U’ is about breakups and not being able to let go. The anthemic tune possesses uptempo club production flavored with electro-pop, EDM, and contemporary dance elements. Furthermore, “(Just Can’t) Hate U” follows on the heels of Ryan Riback’s “Wrong” single (featuring Olivia Noelle), which has amassed over one and a half million streams.

Ryan Riback

Ryan Riback press photo

“My team sent me the demo of this record and I immediately fell in love with the concept. I loved the vocal delivery and the feel of it. It feels super-current, so I took it, laid down some Riback vibes. Honestly, it came together quickly. I’ve done bits of music here and there, but I’ve kind of been saving all the good stuff for when the world started to open up again.” – Ryan Riback explained

Ryan Riback, the quiet achiever, has worked on remixes for Kelly Clarkson, Clean Bandit, Maroon 5, Kygo, LAUV, and Khalid to name a few. Most notably, his remix of Starley’s debut single, “Call On Me,” has over one billion streams across all DSPs.

Riback, not your average pop/dance music producer, prefers to lock himself away in his Melbourne studio collaborating remotely, playing video games, laughing at memes/dad jokes, and considering the reality of extra-terrestrials infiltrating the upper echelons of government. With the pandemic slowing things down, Riback has been spending time with his family.

“(Just Can’t) Hate U” single

Ryan Riback - “(Just Can't) Hate U” song cover art

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